Where to stay in Rome with kids: the most reliable guide to the Eternal City areas (with map)

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Are you planning to visit Rome and are now trying to figure out where to stay in Rome with kids? Which is the best neighbourhood? Which area will be more convenient for the tourist attractions but also for local life?

Planning the perfect itinerary to visit Rome could already be overwhelming, here we will help you to narrow down where to stay in Rome with a family to enjoy an extraordinary time.

This guide will help make your decision easier by providing all the information you need about Rome’s best neighbourhoods to stay in. From convenience to activities, we’ve got you covered!

Rome with kids can be a lot of fun, but it’s also essential to choose the right area to stay in. Plus, we’ve included a list of the best hotels in each area so that you can rest easy knowing your accommodation is taken care of. All the hotels I suggest can offer a room for at least 2 adults and 2 kids, in some cases more. I added only two options that are only for three people, they are beautiful hotels that could still be worth considering for some families.

I am originally from Rome and since I had kids six years ago, I started to rediscover the city from a different point of view. Even though I now live abroad I go to Rome four times a year and so I will be able to help you discover where to stay in Rome with kids that is more convenient for you and your family based on your interests.

HOT TIP: When we travel, if possible I tend to pick an accomodation with a swimming pool, so the kids could have half an hour of fun after a busy day. In the best areas to stay in Rome for families, not many hotels offer this opportunity. To get a big hotel with swimming pools you will need to look quite out of the city centre. Unless you are planning to stay at least a week I wouldn’t recommend this option as you will waste a lot of time commuting.

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The central area of Rome consists of 22 Rioni, and in some cases, like Trastevere, the area is still identified with the “rione” name. However some of these Rioni are quite small and even for a resident could be challenging to identify the border, and their names are less used.

For example, Campo dei Fiori and Piazza Navona are part of Rione Parione, but many Romans would not be able to tell you where that area is because everybody identifies it by the names of the two most important squares.

In this guide, we will refer to the rione where relevant or we will identify the different areas by the most famous tourist attractions. Here are the Rioni/areas we will discuss in detail:

  • Zona Campo dei Fiori/Piazza Navona/Pantheon – The best area to stay in Rome first time
  • Zona Piazza del Popolo/ Piazza di Spagna – Best area for retail therapy
  • Trevi – Best area for a charming Instagram spot
  • Rione Monti – The best area to blend in with locals
  • Termini Station – The best location to stay in Rome on a budget
  • Trastevere The best place to stay in Rome for foodies
  • Zona Colosseo/Ghetto – Most central area
  • I wouldn’t consider Prati and Testaccio, but they are a good option to visit for great restaurants and nightlife
If you click on the map you can open it on Google maps and zoom in/out to see more detail. The boundaries of the areas are not the real neighbourhood limits, but how I group them to help you identify the best areas where to stay in Rome with kids.

For each area I will highlight why to stay there, the closest things to see and do, and the best accommodation. For the details of all the things to see and do check out the 4 days in Rome itinerary. If you are still debating how many days to spend in Rome I can tell you that it really depends on what you want to do and see, but four to five will give you time to visit some of the main attractions but also enjoy the Roman dolce vita!

HOT TIP: Some people will tell you that if you stay in the city centre you will just be surrounded by tourists. Nothing is less accurate! Of course, there will be lots of tourists, but the city centre of Rome is really lived by locals. Normal people live there, not just VIPs and they shop and dine side by side with tourists.


Low budget apartmentUp to 6 peopleBoutique hotel up to 6 people
Lovely rooftopStylish decorSwimming pool
Great size roomLovely rooftopUp to 10 people apartment
Amazing locationLuxury with a twist, room up to 5 people
Great value for moneyMost charming settingSwimming pool
TERMINI CENTRAL STATIONBUDGETsuitedeal SUITE DEALmeininger MENINGER HOTELwhere to stay in rome with kids: anantara-palazzo-naiadi PALAZZO NAIADI
7/8 people apartmentBudget with styleSwimming pool

Campo dei Fiori / Piazza Navona/ Pantheon area – First time

Campo dei Fiori / Piazza di Spagna / Pantheon

This is one of the most central areas in Rome. You can easily walk to all the main tourist attractions, which makes it the best area to stay in Rome for first time visitor.

Piazza Navona is one of the most beautiful squares in Rome and it’s just a few steps from Campo dei Fiori, where there is a daily market with fresh fruit and vegetables, souvenirs, and clothes.

In this area there are a lot of restaurants, some of them are really touristic but if you walk around a bit you can find some hidden gems where the locals go.

Staying here with kids is perfect as you can easily walk to all the major attractions you want to see on your first visit to Rome.


  • The area is very central and you can walk to all the main tourist attractions
  • There are a lot of restaurants in the area


  • Can be quite noisy at night
  • Not many hotels have a swimming pool
  • It is expensive


1. Campo dei Fiori Relais – Apartment

Campo dei Fiori Relais doesn’t offer a 5-star experience, but they have lovely apartments that can be really handy when travelling with kids.

They are well furnished, good in size with a substantial kitchen with even a washing machine! The price is exceptionally good considering the location.

Low budget

2. Piazza Farnese Luxury Suites – Up to 6 people

The view from some of these suites is just incredible. Some of them open up directly on Piazza Farnes, just behind Campo dei Fiori.

All the suites have been refurbished with real attention to detail and each with nice individual touches, like the spa bath or a round bed. They also have a good breakfast option available. At least one of the suites can host up to six people.

Medium budget

3. Hotel Lunetta – Boutique up to 6 people

This is for sure one of the best places to stay in Rome with family.
The hotel has been refurbished and reopened in 2011, but hospitality seems to be embedded in the walls. They even claim they were the first hotel in the city!
Not only are the rooms up to date and stylish with a modernist touch, but you will also find an amazing 300m2 spa and a rooftop bar with breathtaking views.
During the restoration process, they also found some Roman wall sections from the Antico Teatro di Pompeo, now visible to guests.
Compared with similar hotels they have an amazing price for the offer.

Higher budget

Best things to do and see near Campo dei Fiori/Piazza Navona/Pantheon

  • Visit the Campo dei Fiori during the day and at night
  • Try to get a glimpse of the majestic paintings inside Palazzo Farnese from Piazza della Cancelleria
  • Wander around the narrow streets of the Jewish ghetto
  • Visit the Pantheon
  • Go and look for “Maria pe’ Roma”
  • Take a coffee at the famous Caffe Sant’Eustacchio
  • Try Roscioli for pizza al taglio, to eat a Michelin star Roman meal, or to rest at their new coffee shop
  • Walk over the romantic Ponte Sisto to reach Trastevere
  • Read what Pasquino said
  • Admire the Four River fountain and laugh at the story of the Bernini-Borromini competition


Piazza del Popolo/ Piazza di Spagna area – Retail therapy

Piazza del Popolo and Piazza di Spagna are two of the most famous squares in Rome. From here it is really easy to walk to the main attractions you want to visit, but it is also the best connected to the biggest park in the city centre, Villa Borghese.

If your kids are still quite young then it could be a good option for where to stay in Rome with family as you can end each day in the park where they can run around, play in the playground, or even take a boat ride on the lake.

If you stay here, you’ll be in the midst of one of the city’s more exclusive shopping areas. In the evening this is a little bit quieter but during the day it could be quite crowded and a bit chaotic.

In this area, you will find some of the most luxurious hotels, it is not easy to find great accommodation for a really low price. Below I have highlighted the best options for location, services, and price.


  • The area is very central and you can walk to all the main tourist attractions
  • Well connected to Villa Borghese, the biggest park in the city centre


  • Can be quite noisy and crowded during the day
  • Not many hotels have a swimming pool
  • It is expensive


1. Hotel del Corso – Lovely rooftop

Hotel del Corso is one of the few great 3 star hotels in the area that offers family rooms starting below €150!

The rooms are simple but well-decorated even with some quirky details here and there. The best part is the rooftop that is where breakfast is served.

Low budget

2. The Style hotel – Stylish

Very stylish boutique hotel centrally located but in a quiet street.
The interiors are modern with a dark mood, just to help you to remember that even if you are travelling with kids you can still stay in a more grown-up environment.

Medium budget

3. Palazzo Dama – Swimming Pool

One of the few hotels in the centre of Rome with a swimming pool! There are a few other hotels within a big brand chain that have a swimming pool, but Palazzo Dama still manages to keep the prices reasonable.

If a swimming pool is a non-negotiable point when you travel, then this is the best family accommodation in Rome you could probably find!

The decor is modern but retains some classy elements to keep it elegant and in line with the historic building. The rooms are big enough and with everything needed. If you are a light sleeper, maybe request one of the rooms further from the swimming pool where sometimes they organise dinner parties.

Higher budget

Best things to do and see near Piazza del Popolo / Piazza di Spagna

  • Climb the Spanish Steps (of course)
  • Visit Villa Borghese
  • Watch the sunset from Pincio terrace (above Piazza del Popolo)
  • Shop ’til you drop
  • Drink water from “La Barcaccia” ( the fountain in front of the Spanish steps)
  • Visit Explora museum
  • Visit Mausoleo di Augusto (Ara Pacis)

Trevi – Instagram spot

Where to stay in Rome with kids -Trevi

Trevi is best known for its fountain where it is said, if you throw a coin in, you are guaranteed to come back to Rome. It’s a really central area, not far from the Spanish Steps and the luxury shopping street Via Condotti.

Trevi is one of the most famous and touristic areas of Rome. During the day the crowd around the fountain areas and the streets beside it could really put you off, but if you stay close by then you can easily visit the fountain again in the evening when you could possibly manage pictures without people around you.

If you walk a short distance away from the fountain however, there are still lovely empty streets, charming corners, and excellent eateries to explore.


1. Hotel Trevi – Great size room

This is an excellent choice while searching for where to stay in Rome with kids. The location is amazing, the price is good, and the rooms are in general a good size and well-decorated.

The modern style enhances the historical element of the building, like the exposed wood beams in some rooms. They have expanded and so some rooms are in the close by annex.

Breakfast is served on the rooftop terrace with lovely surrounding views

Low budget

2. Relais Trevi boutique hotel – Great rooftop

All the rooms have been decorated with a contemporary style and are stylish and minimal but functional. As a 4-star hotel, you also start to find coffee and tea facilities in the room (not common in Italy in general).

The rooftop terrace is also open during the day and is an excellent spot to stop for a drink after a day of sightseeing.

Higher budget

3. Sonder Fontana di Trevi – Apartment up to 10

When you are looking for an apartment in Rome you will have many options, but not many are as good as the Sonder Fontana di Trevi.
They have two apartments, one for up to eight people and one for up to 10 people.

The space is bright and welcoming, with a great kitchen and generous living/dining space to gather together, and yes in the bigger apartment of the two you have a really handy washing machine!

Higher budget

Best things to do near Trevi

  • Through a coin in the Trevi Fountain
  • Walk over the Spanish steps
  • Visit Villa Borghese
  • Visit Colosseum
  • Visit the Roman Forum
  • Go shopping

Rione Monti – Blend with locals

Rione Monti

Rione Monti is the first “rione” of Rome, and is located just behind the Colosseum. It’s a really central and convenient area, but less touristic than other areas like Trevi or Campo dei Fiori.

In this area, you can find some great restaurants, as well as a lot of small independent shops and cafes.

It’s perfect if you want to experience the “real” Rome, but still be close to all the main attractions. This is one of my favourite areas in Rome, it is charming and alive with that authentic feel that can tend to be lost in more central areas. It strikes the perfect balance between being central and touristic.

If your children are older and eager to walk a bit farther, or if it’s your second time in Rome, I recommend staying in Monti.

Some of the further away areas can be easily reached by bus. Take no.64 to go to the Vatican City or no.590 to Villa Borghese.


  • Great balance between being central and close to tourist attractions
  • Perfect to blend with locals


  • You need public transport to reach some tourist attractions
  • Not many hotels have a swimming pool


1. Hotel Grifo – Tradition

The hotel Grifo has been welcoming guests for 40 years, and I have had many friends stay over there as the location is unbeatable.

The lobby still has a really traditional vibe, maybe a bit underwhelming in style, but the rooms have all been renovated.

They have a lovely small rooftop, and rooms on the top floor have a small terrace/balcony.

Medium budget

2. Palm Suite hotel – Luxury with a twist

The Palm Suite hotel will bring a little smile as soon as you step in. The designers didn’t fear the history of the building and while they did a superb job refurbishing it to a high standard, they also focused on the details to bring the space to life with exotic accents, colourful fabrics, and prints.

They have 12 rooms and some host up to 5 people.

Higher budget

Best things to do and see near Rione Monti

  • Explore Rione Monti (of course)
  • Walk down to the Imperial and Roman Forum
  • Visit the Colosseum
  • Visit the Domus Aurea
  • Visit San Clement basilic and the archaeological excavation
  • Search for the Moses statue (from Michelangelo) in “San Pietro in Vincoli” basilic
  • Stop for a drink/dinner at the wine shop “I tre scalini”
  • Blend with locals at “Piazza della Madonna dei Monti”

Trastevere – Foodies


Trastevere is on the other side of the river from most of Rome’s tourist attractions, but it’s well worth the effort to cross over. It’s a lovely area with narrow cobbled streets and pretty squares.

In Trastevere you can really feel like a local, even if there are lots of tourists staying and visiting the area (especially at night) it still has a really authentic feel. Many people find this the best area to stay in Rome with kids for its more laid back setting.

There are some great restaurants here, as well as a lot of bars and cafes with outdoor seating – perfect for people-watching. In Trastevere you will find many restaurants that offer authentic roman dishes, it’s worth reading this Rome food guide to understand what to expect from this unique culinary experience!

If you stay in Trastevere, you’ll be close to the Gianicolo hill which has fantastic views over Rome. This is a great place to bring the kids to see the military cannon that every day at noon fires a shot to mark the time.

If you want to walk it’s about 25-30 minutes to Piazza Venezia or you can take bus no.44


  • Charming location
  • Perfect to blend with locals
  • Great food options


  • You need public transport to reach some tourist attractions
  • Not many hotels have a swimming pool


1. Ripense In Trastevere – Value for money

The Ripense in Trastevere is a little guest house where everything has been thought through carefully. It is simple but you get everything you need (including a kettle, not common in Italian hotels) and the price usually also includes breakfast.

Low budget

2. Hotel Santa Maria – Charm

Country-style hotels usually don’t make it onto my lists as most of them hide behind the definition of country with old furniture and dusty fabrics. This is not the case with the Hotel Santa Maria, yes maybe it could be a little bit more minimal, but the charm of this place lies also in the rustic details.

The low building develops around the most charming cloister, which is the heart of the hotel, where to sit and enjoy a drink in a peaceful spot.

The location is amazing, the rooms are a good size and prices are in line with a 3-star hotel! One of my top picks on where to stay in Rome for families!

Medium budget

3. Villa Agrippina Gran Melia – Swimming pool

The Melia chain has done one of the most beautiful jobs to convert an ancient building into what is now a luxurious space to retreat to. I still remember when this immense space was falling apart, a vast building stretching from the Tiber river up towards the Gianicolo hill.

The location is a little bit on the outskirts of Trastevere, but really close to the Vatican and Castel Sant’Angelo, and if you cross the bridge you are a short walk away from Piazza Navona, Pantheon, and Campo dei Fiori.

Rooms are incredible, you can have a room with a Saint Peter’s Dome view, with a private pool, or hot tub. The garden at the back of the hotel is where the swimming pool is located. Of course, you have also an incredible spa, restaurants and bars. Book here from May to September when you can enjoy the external spaces at their best!

Higher budget

Best things to do and see near Trastevere

  • Get lost around the charming corners in Trastevere
  • Visit the Botanical Gardens
  • At 12 noon go to the top of the Gianicolo hill to listen to the cannon
  • Visit the Vatican Museum
  • Visit Castel Sant’Angelo
  • Walk over the romantic Ponte Sisto in the evening
  • Walk over to the “Tiberina Island”
  • Enjoy the food available at any corner

Termini Central station – Budget

The area around the main train station, Stazione Termini, is not the most picturesque or charming in Rome. However, it’s a really central area and well connected to public transport.

If you’re looking for a more affordable place to stay, this is a good area to consider. There are a lot of B&Bs and apartments in this area, as well as some budget hotels.

Just be aware that the streets around the station can be a bit noisy at night.


  • Great public transport connection
  • Great accommodations prices


  • It could feel unsafe, even if this is actually more an impression than a reality


1. Suite Deal – Apartment up to 7/8

This place may not impress for its stylish interiors or a rooftop bar, but it is a fantastic value for money.

The location is really handy and the apartment for 7/8 people is an excellent solution for your family stay in Rome.

Low budget

2. Meininger Hotel -budget with style

This budget hotel brand is relatively new in Rome, and for their first hotel they did an impressive job taking an old building near the station and fully refurbishing it. They chose a cinema theme for this hotel and injected vitality and colour to create a really welcoming space.

They offer many different types of rooms, and there are generous sharing spaces where to gather together. You can also use the shared kitchen, and there are washing and drying facilities (although not free).

A really fun place where to stay in Rome with family!

Low budget

3. Palazzo Naiadi – swimming pool

This is a marvellous hotel nestled in an iconic building! It isn’t cheap, but if you can treat your family you will not be disappointed!

They offer rooms for up to 3 people, but it should still work for you if you travel with a child and a baby.

The neoclassical interiors are opulent, bright and luxurious.

The rooms are good in size and the hotel offers everything you would expect from a 5-star hotel, including a gym, spa, and an incredible rooftop pool!

Higher budget

Best things to do and see near Termini station

  • Explore Rione Monti
  • Walk down to the Imperial and Roman Forum
  • Visit the Colosseum
  • Visit the Domus Aurea
  • Go to an exhibition at “Palazzo del Esposizioni”
  • Visit San Clement basilic and the archaeological excavation
  • Vist Santa Maria Maggiore basilic
  • Go for a night out in the close by student neighbourhood “San Lorenzo”
  • Search for the Moses statue (from Michelangelo) in “San Pietro in Vincoli” basilic

Colosseum / Jewish Ghetto – most central

Colosseum / Jewish Ghetto

The Colosseum area is quite vast if you include the Roman and Imperial Forum, the Mercati Traianei, il Vittoriano, and Colle Oppio (where the Domus Aurea is located). I have included it here even if there aren’t many properties available around it, but it is of course an excellent choice.

I didn’t include in the map the area between the Colosseum and San Giovanni in Laterano basilic, because it is less practical.

The Jewish quarter (in Rome is still called Jewish Ghetto) is a lovely area nestled between the Roman Forum and Campo dei Fiori. I didn’t include it with Campo dei Fiori as it has its own distinct identity and it stretches quite far down towards the Tiber and the Tiberina island. If you stay here you will have a really good connection with Trastevere.


  • Great location
  • The Jewish quarter offers great food options


  • It could be noisy


1. Otivm hotel – rooftop view

The view from the rooftop bar is really stunning.

The entire hotel is lovely, the rooms are well-designed with elegant interiors and some have a balcony with incredible views over Campidogliocan Vittoriano

Medium budget

2. Rinocheros – Design

A gallery, a hotel, and a restaurant all together in this stunning location. If you love architecture and design then this is the place for you.

Jean Nouvel designed this space for Alda Fendi and every detail is top-notch.

They don’t have rooms, but apartments with only the best designer furniture and appliances.

The apartments are for 2 people, but they will add a third bed if you ask.

Higher budget

Best things to do and see near Colosseum/Jewish Quarter

  • Explore the Colosseum
  • Visit the Roman Forum
  • Visit the Domus aurea
  • Walk around the Jewish quarter
  • Try some Roman speciality you can rarely find outside the Jewish quarter
  • Walk to Tiberina island
  • Walk to Circo Massimo
  • Test the “Bocca della Verita'”

Prati and Testaccio area

If you’re looking for a convenient area to stay in Rome with kids, the Prati and Testaccio areas are not the best places to stay in Rome for families. While there are some great things to do in these neighbourhoods, in my opinion they are a bit too far away from the main tourist attractions.

If you stay in Prati you will be really close to the Vatican city, and Testaccio is a great area for foodies with its many restaurants and cafes. However, both these areas are quite far from the Colosseum and the rest of the attractions you will want to visit.

Of course, public transport is available. The metro station Ottaviano is located in Prati and from there you can easily reach the Vatican City or Piazza del Popolo.

In Testaccio, you could use buses to connect with more central areas


I hope this guide gave you a great overview of the best places to stay in Rome for families. If you have any questions just let me know in the comments below!

Clotilde is a resilient, resourceful and adventurous person that navigate the world of travelling with kids. She is a mum of 7 years old twins and she share practical tips, profound insights and genuine personal experience to empowers family to embrace travel with children as an enriching experience rather than a daunting challenge.

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