The only twin must haves you need to make your life easier at home and to travel

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I may be biased, but twins are the most wonderful thing in the world, yet it may be difficult to figure out the essential twin must haves products you require when you have them. Do you just buy two of everything? How do you know which of the twin gear are safe and versatile enough to use at home and on the go?

We know that traveling with your kids is one of the biggest challenges for parents. If your twins are not born yet you may even be asking yourself if you will be able to continue to travel. The good news is that yes, you can travel with twins, and it’s not as difficult as you may think. The only things you need are the right twin baby products, patience, and good organization.

We’ve put together a list of must haves for twins that will make your life a little easier. These everyday essentials will help keep your twins safe and comfortable, whether you’re at home or on the go. Plus, they’re all compact and lightweight so they’re easy to transport wherever you go.

It is critical to pick carefully the baby items for twins so you don’t have to buy double products, but something that you may use on a daily basis and also take with you when you travel. With these essential baby products for twins, you will save money while making life easier for yourself!

From car seats to strollers, diaper bags to feeding bottles – we have got everything covered here on this list! You won’t regret buying any one of these items because they will not only make your life easier but also save you time and money in the long run.

If you are preparing a baby registry for twins, or if you are looking for the best gear for twins, then look no further! These 13 items are a must for any twin’s parents.

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Double stroller

A double stroller is absolute the most important of all twin must haves. It’s important to buy a good, sturdy stroller that can handle all the wear and tear twins will put it through. Look for a double stroller that’s easy to fold and transport.

Decide what are the advantage and disadvantages of inline versus side-by-side double strollers for you. This is a very personal choice, and you need to determine it considering your personal preferences as well as the place where you live and the amount of storage space available to you.

Some parents prefer inline strollers because they are easier to steer everywhere. While others prefer side-by-side strollers because they offer easier access to the kids.

I’ve been a big fan of the inline stroller, even if I recognize that when the boys started to be around 3 years old a side by side would have been better for them.

You can read a detailed analysis of the best double strollers in this article. Joolz Geo is the top choice for inline. It is extremely compact and it folds in one piece. All-terrain wheels make it a great choice to go everywhere.

For the side by side, the mountain buggy nano duo is the best. It is very affordable and it fits through standard doorways. It is just a little bigger than a single buggy and at 9kg it is super light.

You could also be interested in “The reality of travelling with twins and how to make it possible”!

Carrier for twins

Even if you have a double stroller there will always be situations where you need to carry your twins. On the market, there are a few double baby carriers you can consider. They are really useful if you go around by yourself often.

However, it could be worth evaluating if two single carriers could be a better option. Have a look at this article where you have an overview of the best carriers for twins.

Weego twins carrier

The Weego Twins Baby Carrier is a unique product that has been developed in collaboration with experts. It’s specially designed for twins from the day of birth and suitable for premature babies from 1,800g.

The ergonomic design provides hip-friendly comfort to both babies and parents. You can adjust the carrier to fit you perfectly thanks to its adjustable straps, ensuring maximum comfort in all situations.

The Weego is perfect for the first 5-7 months, as it holds up to 15kg combined weight. Definitely one of the best products for twins babies to have.

Baby K-tan wrap

Baby K-tan is basically a wrap that does not require wrapping. The final solution is like wearing a wrap but it is worn already prepared. The fabric is already crossed and ready to wear. Having no way to adjust it, you will have to choose the right size well.

Baby K-tan carrier can hold up to almost 16Kg (35Lb) and as in the case of other wraps, Baby K-tan is perfect to be used as a twin carrier wrap up to about 5/6 months.

Car seats

When traveling with kids, it is obvious that you need to have car seats that are safe and comfortable for them. How can you choose one that is good for the everyday and also good for longer road trips? Of course a travel system compatible is essential, but you want to take an extra step.

In the UK the Lullaby trust and Bristol university did lots of research on baby safety while sleeping and keeping babies in a lie-flat position during the first 6 months of life is a must.

If you are often on road trips consider using a carrycot car seat that secures your baby in a lie flat position, and you will not need to move him out of the car seat when arriving at your destination as you can choose one compatible with your buggy chassis.

The two models below are the top twin must haves because you can fit 2 on the back seat of a normal size car. Some models are placed sideways and there would therefore not be space for two of them side by side.

Kiddy Evoluna

Kiddi Evoluna is excellent because it can be used up to about 15 months and then switched to a lighter one. You can use it safely even with premature babies.
The space is generous and it accommodates even larger babies. As it lies flat both in the car or when you attach it to a stroller it can really replace the purchase of a carrycot. Another of the top twin baby products to have.

Maxi Cosi Marble

The Maxi Cosi Marble doesn’t lie completely flat, but almost. It is a little cheaper than Kiddi Evoluna and more widespread. It also fits with any Maxi Cosi compatible buggy

Baby bouncer

A baby bouncer is a lifesaver in everyday life. It is perfect for all babies keeping them entertained as they bounce and watch the world go by. It is also a great way to keep them calm and soothed.

This is not something you’d fly across the world with, but if you travel a lot in a car you definitely want to buy something you can easily carry around, maybe even when just going to the park. There isn’t a twin-specific bouncer, but the Babybjorn Bliss or Balance soft are excellent alternatives!

The Babybjorn bouncer is a lightweight and easy-to-use bouncer. It folds up easily and fits in a transport bag, making it easy to take with you wherever you go. The bouncer has three different positions and is suitable from newborn to two years old. It also rocks gently when your baby moves, providing them with a calming effect.

Nappy bag/backpack

Long have gone the times when a nappy bag meant a big, bulky, unfashionable piece of luggage. Nappy bags/backpacks these days can be really stylish and come in all shapes and sizes.

There are tons of options for all tastes and preferences, and many of them can be used for many years because they are super functional not just when you have a baby.

Few things are as important as a good nappy bag/backpack when out and about with twins. It is essential to have plenty of storage space to hold all the stuff for twin babies, as well as for your own belongings. However, it is also fundamental that you can be well organized and divide all the stuff. You want a bag with different pockets and compartments to be able to reach everything quickly without having to rummage through the entire thing.

There are tons of bags on the markets. If you want to see a comparison of the best 14 bags for mums you can find it here. If you prefer a backpack, then check the comparison of these 10. Below is one of the best options on the market!

Mominside tote baby bag

This versatile and roomy tote bag comes with 13 storage pockets, including 4 insulated pockets to keep snacks and drinks cold, as well as a padded space for a laptop. You can quickly transform it into a backpack or cross-body bag, and it even has an extra shoulder strap so that you can easily attach it to a trolley. The exterior is made from PU leather and the interior is waterproof nylon, making it easy to clean. So, if you are looking for a bag that can do it all, the Mominside Tote Bag is the perfect baby gear for twins.

Skip Hop Duo is another amazing nappy bag for twins as it has plenty of space and compartments, plus it comes in different stylish designs. However, it is a bit too recognizable as a nappy bag. So if you’re looking for something a bit more subtle, I would recommend the Mominside tote baby bag.

TWELVElittle Unisex Courage backpack

I love the Twelvelittle brand as the products are designed by a fashion handbag designer mum. All their products are super functional and stylish, and their backpacks are no exception.

The Courage backpack is perfect for twins mums as it is the largest backpack that the Twelvelittle brand produces. It has excellent capacity and features 12 pockets between inside and out, including a dedicated separate space for a laptop up to 15”.

The pocket on the back opens to fix it on a trolley when traveling. This backpack can be machine washed with a gentle cold cycle. The unisex look makes it perfect for dads too.

Ruvalino multifunctional travel backpack

The Ruvalino multifunctional travel backpack is a great choice as twin baby gear. It is roomy and functional with a timeless design that will allow you to use it in countless situations. The main features include 16 pockets distributed inside and all around. It includes a practical one on the back for your phone and one on the side for wipes. The shoulder straps are padded and comfortable, and there are also two practical handles if you want to occasionally carry it as a bag. Two D-rings on the back also make it easy to attach to the stroller.

Baby monitor

When Liam and Santiago were babies there wasn’t a practical baby video monitor to carry around, so while on holiday we ended many times using our phones with endless whats-app calls.

Baby monitors can be quite expensive and the Lollipop baby monitor is a great compromise to use the same monitor at home and while traveling. That’s what makes it a twin must haves product!

Lollipop baby monitor with true crying detection

It is really compact and designed to stand or to be wound around the crib bar or whatever else in the room. It is easy to set up and has advanced night vision. The multi-streaming feature allows parents to watch more than one child at the same time (but you need to buy 2 of them) and the crossing and crying detection give parents peace of mind.

It’s simple to use and doesn’t require you to carry around an extra gadget or charger since it links up with your phone or tablet. The camera must be continuously linked to the main power source. However, because the cable is long, even if you don’t know where the electricity will be in your hotel/apartment, you should be able to find a way to plug it in.

Portable crib

Ok, talking about a cot: it is unlikely that you will be able to use the one you use at home when you travel. Since the launch of the Halo bassiNest, the very first twins cot to keep beside your bed, from my point of view for the first few months there is no need to look for anything else.

However, a travel cot is essential even when you just visit family and friends for a couple of days.

A newborn can sleep in a carrycot if approved for overnight sleeping, but that only lasts for up to 4/6 months, after that you will need a travel cot. As per other baby stuff for twins, also in this case the key features to look for are an item that is light (remember you need 2), compact, and easy to transport.

We used the Phil & Teds traveler and I would probably still choose the same. However, you can check here a comparison of the best models available.

Phil and Teds traveller

The Phil and Teds traveller is a lightweight and versatile travel crib. It is super light so even carrying 2 is not a big deal. It is easy to build, although the first time it is not as intuitive as other models. After a couple of builds it became really simple.

Micralite sleep&go

The Micralite sleep&go travel cot is a great portable travel crib that is easy to assemble and transport. It includes a new generation of infant bassinet that can be used until the baby is around 6 months old.

This cot is also very lightweight, weighing only 10 pounds, and it folds small into a padded travel bag, with a comfy handle and a practical shoulder strap. This makes it perfect for taking with you on vacations or short trips.

Portable high chair

While there is no such thing as a twin-specific high chair yet, there are several portable high chairs available that will perform the task equally well. Even if you live in a small house/flat, these versions are quite handy since traditional high chairs are bulky and require a lot of floor space. They will soon become one of your most-used baby equipment for twins.

Lobster high chair Phil & Teds

We used the Lobster high chair at home from the boys were 6 months until they moved on to a normal chair with a big padded cushion. It is the perfect solution for twins who need a high chair to eat at the table.

The Lobster high chair is lightweight and easy to transport, making it perfect for taking with you on vacations or short trips. It also folds small into a padded travel bag with a comfy handle. The Lobster clamps onto a wide variety of table sizes, so it doesn’t take up any precious space at home (or the cafe!). It is globally safety certified, with top features to keep your bub sitting safely at the table.

The Lobster high chair was perfect at home, but we decided to invest also in something much smaller and lighter to carry: a foldable booster seat.

Easy Seat Portable Travel High Chair

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The original easy seat is a cloth travel high chair, it is super light and folds very small. It can be used with almost any type of chair with a backrest. In practice, it has a kind of reinforced hood that slips over the chair, connected to this part by a 5 point safety harness that keeps the child safe. Perfect to add in any essential baby packing list!

Polar Gear high chair for travel

A foldable booster seat has more flexibility as instead of slipping over the chair it has a strap that blocks it around the backrest and under the chair. There is also a T-strap that holds the baby in position.

The advantage of this model is that when you close it everything is compressed in a flat case.

We did not use them at home only to preserve our upholstered dining chair. They would be perfect to be used with easy-to-clean chairs.

Feeding bottles and sterilising solutions

Even if you are breastfeeding, there will come a time when you will probably use bottles. If you exclusively bottle feed your babies or even mix feed them, the monotony of cleaning and sterilizing bottles for two children may soon begin to irritate you. When thinking about doing it while on vacation, you might become anxious. No worries! Great options are coming your way, and they are not just items for twin babies!

Playtex Baby Nurser Bottle

The Playtex Baby Nurser Bottle is a blessing for travelling parents. The concept is very simple, a special disposable liner is inserted inside the bottle. This system was introduced to prevent air from entering the bottle and thus prevent colic, but it is extremely convenient also when traveling. In this way you can reduce the number of bottles that you will have to carry around, limiting yourself to small nipples. That’s why I consider it a real twin must haves.

If you are a fan of Tommee Tippee bottles, they too have invented something similar. Also useful for mothers who pump milk that goes directly into the pouch which can then be connected to the bottle.

I don’t want to encourage the use of disposable products, but in some cases when sterilizing a bottle properly is not possible then I think it is more important to secure the baby’s safety. While at home you can use these bottles like any other without the liners.

Medela Sterilising bag

These bags sterilise baby bottles and dummies with steam in a microwave. Even when you are staying at a hotel you shouldn’t have a hard time getting help with their use.

An alternative could be the Tommee Tippee single bottle steriliser, Really practical to carry with you when travelling, but you need to check if it fits the bottles you use.

White noise machine

White noise is a sound that is created by combining all the frequencies of the audible spectrum in equal amounts. It can be used to help babies fall asleep and stay asleep.

There are a few different types of white noise machines on the market, but my personal favorite is the MyBaby SoundSpa. It is small and compact, making it easy to transport, and has a variety of different sounds to choose from. It also has a timer to choose how long you want it to play for. At home, we also used Ewan the sheep, that we got as a present. It was brilliant, but just a touch too big if you want to pack light.

Travel changing mat

A travel changing mat is a must-have for any parent. It provides a safe and sanitary place to change your babies’ diapers and is easy to transport and clean.

At home, we had a dedicated changing table, but many times we used also the travel changing mat on the floor as it was super practical.

This is probably the item that together with the double stroller we used most in our twins’ early life. We never left the house without it.

We have had 2 models, the first brand was a little cheaper, but we had to replace it within one year. Our Skip hop changing mat is still somewhere in our house.

Skip hop changing mat

It is a clutch that has a changing pad, built-in pillow, and wipes case. The large mesh pocket can hold up to four diapers along with other essentials. While the front zippered pocket is perfect for personal items. This product makes baby changing easy and convenient no matter where you are.

Electric breast pump for twins

If you are breastfeeding twins, you will likely need an electric breast pump. There are many models on the market, trying to choose the right one was a bit overwhelming for me.

In many countries, you can rent a hospital-grade pump for a really good price. If this is your case then test one or two before buying it, so you can find the most comfortable for you.

This wasn’t the case in the UK, so I made lots of research to finally settle on the Ardo brand. Initially, I wanted the Medela freestyle flex, but it was 3 times more expensive. Thankfully I have no regrets with the Ardo, because it worked perfectly! Definitely, a twin must haves!

Ardo Alyssa double electric pump

The Ardo Alyssa double electric pump is the latest model of mine, and it has a built-in battery so you can pump on the go. Even if you choose a different pump, make sure you pick one with a rechargeable battery. A rechargeable pump will really give you the freedom to pump wherever you go.

It has an automatic Power Pumping function that imitates the natural breastfeeding pattern called cluster feeding, which achieves an increase of milk production through more frequent breastfeeding. The MyArdo app allows controlling the Ardo Alyssa breast pump comfortably from your smartphone. The memory Plus function allows you to save your expressing settings so that you can easily repeat them again.

This pump is also very quiet, I really appreciated this characteristic because many times I used it at night. Stuff for baby twins can be expensive, but having the right electric pump will not make you regret spending that money.

EXTRA: Belly wrap

Ok, a belly wrap is not exactly part of the twin gear but it is definitely a twin mom must have. It certainly was for me! I put a lot of hope into purchasing it and I wasn’t disappointed.

I was incredibly scared of what my body would have looked like after the birth. When you are expecting twins your tummy will expand as you would not think is possible. It is becoming ridiculously big even if the rest of your body may stay more or less the same. I used the belly bandit for 6-7 weeks after giving birth and I was back to my pre-pregnancy body without any problem.

Belly Bandit

This basic, uncovered version of the popular belly binding elastic is 100% latex-free. It can be adjusted to fit around your belly, waist and hips to create the ultimate slimming result. Tone your tummy and get your body back to its pre-pregnancy shape with the help of the Original Belly Bandit!

These are for sure the top 12 best accessories for twins we couldn’t have lived without when Liam and Santiago were little. Some of these products are not cheap, but the fact we could use them in any situation allowed us to save money in the long term.

Also, don’t underestimate the fact that you will be able to re-sell on eBay or other platforms most of the expensive twins baby stuff if you keep them well. I sold in a matter of days, the breast pump, the bottle machine, the car seats, and in the space of a few hours the baby monitors…even the feeding bottles were gone in a week or so!

Although you may be able to get by without some of these things for twins, I highly recommend investing in them. They will make your life as a twins’ parent much easier and less stressful. These essential items will help keep your twins safe and comfortable while travelling or at home.

Curious about this picture? Well…I definitely can’t say that is one of the twin must haves, but this inflatable twin baby swimming ring was great fun during our first (disastrous) beach holiday!

I couldn’t find the same one on sales now, but you can check this model that it is similar if you like it!


Clotilde is a resilient, resourceful and adventurous person that navigate the world of travelling with kids. She is a mum of 7 years old twins and she share practical tips, profound insights and genuine personal experience to empowers family to embrace travel with children as an enriching experience rather than a daunting challenge.

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