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Don’t let the challenges of travelling with twins stop you from seeing the world. With a little bit of preparation and organisation, you can make it happen.

Travelling with twins can be a real challenge. It’s no secret that travelling with young children can be difficult, but when you have twins, it can feel downright impossible at times. From getting them through the airport to keeping them entertained on the plane, there are a lot of things to worry about.

We have been travelling with our twins since they were just over a month old, and on this website we have shared how to organise each trip we made, with all the details and tips to help you save time while planning.

However, I never thought to share the different challenges that come with travelling with twins and how they can be overcome until one avid traveler, pregnant with twins, reached out and shared with me her fear of not being able to travel anymore. I then realised that I needed to make a specific post about travelling with twins.

We hope this blog helps ease anxieties surrounding travelling with twins and encourages more families around the world to explore new places together!

Is travelling with twins even possible?

Yes of course. I don’t wish to mislead, if you like to pack your days with as much sightseeing and activities as possible, you may need to slow down the pace and take a different approach, but with a few tweaks everything is possible.

We have been travelling now for almost 6 years with our twins and feel incredibly lucky to be able to do it. Most importantly, we love that they are exposed to new places and cultures from an early age. Travelling with kids can be the most rewarding experience you will ever get!

In the rest of this article, you will find advice for traveling with twins on the road, on planes, and when they are babies or toddlers. Also, all the tips that will make your trip go smoothly!

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Why is travelling with twins important?

Probably if you are reading this article you are already passionate about traveling and you want to understand how to make it work with your new bundles of joy.

Travelling with twins, even if difficult at times is a true moment of joy and family bonding, the opposite of the feeling of loneliness you may be experiencing if your babies have just arrived.

I was prepared for a lot of things while expecting twins, but I had no idea how alone I’d feel. Unless my husband was off work I was always going out with the babies by myself. I didn’t have a nearby twins club and going out with other single baby mums was too much pressure. The few times I tried I felt overwhelmed, I was always behind their pace and felt guilty my kids were crying or they needed to wait to get changed because I was with the other one. It was horrible!

While travelling, escaping the routine gave me a different perspective on my life as a twin mum that I was missing. It allowed me and my husband to see the world in a new way, and it gave us a chance to feel like a family more than during the everyday.

When the babies are little you are travelling to fulfill your own needs and that’s ok, but already when the kids start to be around 3 years old, exploring the world together as a family gives your children a better understanding of different cultures, and helps them to get out of their comfort zone and be more open-minded.

The perspective that you view travel from will change as your kids grow and will in turn give your kids a developing perspective on the world and themselves. When they get older, it will also give them insight into how other people life and help us understand each other better.


How to make travelling with twins easier?

The best way to travel with twins is by knowing what you need and going prepared. Here are a few tips for travelling successfully.

Choose the right stroller

Strollers are one of the most expensive items to buy when you are preparing for twins. If you love to travel ideally you want to choose a stroller that works for you every day but also when travelling.

I made long research about the best double stroller to travel and I settled on the Joolz Geo which has been our constant companion for almost 4 years. It was perfect to go everywhere.

The three main things you want to consider:

  • FOLDING SYSTEM AND PORTABILITY: When travelling you will end up opening and closing it a lot, make sure the stroller closes easily and ideally in one piece.
  • MANEUVERABILITY: You want a stroller that is easy to steer on different surfaces, and not so wide that you struggle every time you need to use the bus or take a lift.
  • WEIGHT: double strollers are all in general quite heavy, but some more than others, always check you can lift it.

These are just the top things to consider, you can read a deep analysis about how to choose the best double strollers to travel here and a review of the Joolz Geo double here.

Joolz Geo
Phil & Ted voyager
Phil & Teds

My favorites? Joolz Geo and Phil & Teds voyager

Babywear twins

We used the stroller everywhere, but when we travelled we always had on hand a baby carrier for each of the boys. While travelling there are always moments when you need to leave the stroller behind, like when boarding a plane. Even if your kids are walking already, in some situations it could be useful to wear them so as to have your hands free to juggle luggage or just to move faster.

A double carrier is also an option; if you’re traveling with two people, one can be caring for the children while the other sort the luggage.

The Weego baby carrier is ideal to use even with really little babies as it is suitable from 1,800gr! Read about the top baby carriers for twins if you want to know more

Ergo baby

My favorites? Weego to start and Ergobaby to share the task

Pack light

One of the biggest challenges when travelling and especially flying with twins is to pack everything you need. Nowadays since my twins are almost 6 years old I try always to avoid checking in luggage whenever possible and have only a carry-on cabin bag with everything we need for at least a week. We have perfected our packing techniques as travelling in Europe we often use a low-cost carrier like Ryanair and you can save lots of money if you avoid checked luggage.

Having said that, when your twins are 2 to 3 years old it is still best to check in your luggage and avoid carry-on bags as you will still have your hands full with things you need to feed them and change them.

Check the essentials baby packing list to avoid packing too much, a packing list for traveling with twins is no different.

Always bring extra food with you

You should always consider bringing enough snacks to fill up your children in case of delays, or if you are stuck somewhere.

When flying never rely on plane food, have something with you in case they are fussy and don’t eat.

Jetlag can be tough on little children, so it’s worth packing some easy snacks that they will eat on arrival to help their bodies adjust faster, and avoid meltdowns.

Plan more time than needed

When putting together your itinerary allow more time, than you think you will need. When travelling with twins you need to keep in mind that, as with most kids, they might get tired faster.

Just have a plan B and be open to change. If you arrive somewhere and your kids aren’t feeling right, don’t feel bad about changing plans and just relaxing while they rest or sleep.

Have a clothing emergency pack on hand

Babies and kids are messy, there’s not much you can do about it, but you can make it easier for yourself if you arrange your packing with what you need to keep at hand. One thing you should always have with you is a change of clothes for your kids and at least one t-shirt/jumper for you. Especially when flying make sure those spare clothes are packed separately and easy to reach.

Choose the right changing bag / backpack

Changing bags have come a long way in recent years and it’s now possible to find one that is big enough to fit everything you need for your babies. These bags are now well designed and you can really find a model that best suits your style without compromising on functionality.

It’s important to choose the right size bag so you can carry all of your supplies with ease, but also keep them organised. Here are some things to consider when choosing a changing bag:

Make sure there are enough pockets to divide and organise clothes, nappies, cream, dummies, and food. Thermal pockets will be useful to keep food and drinks warm or chilled.

The best type of material for a diaper bag is a wipe-clean fabric, which makes it easier to clean!

Don’t look for the cheapest: these bags/ backpacks will go through lots of abuse and they also get dirty quickly, so pay for a good one and it will last you for years
If you’re looking for a backpack, make sure it has a big enough opening as they can be more difficult to access than bags.

Check here the best bags for moms or the backpacks if you prefer!

Mominside bag
Ruvalino backpack

The most practical? Mominside and Ruvalino backpack

Accept any help you get offered

When travelling with twins you will get lots of attention and people will ask you the most unusual (and sometimes personal things) but people will also be open to help. Take any offer you get, from help with luggage to lifting the pram up the stairs.

Plan everything in advance, but be open-minded

I know that many people hate the idea of planning holidays in detail but it will really make your journey easier.

If you are not used to planning a detailed itinerary, you could find this hard but always plan your day, know where you want to go and how long it will take for you to get there. Also, make sure that you have downloaded all maps on your phone or tablet so you will always know where to go without the internet.

Try to plan around your kids’ schedule, especially while they are little. Schedule the activities you know are not interesting to them during their nap time. Make sure you know where you will have lunch and dinner or be ready with food at their mealtime.

How to plan your family trips itinerary is a useful guide if you need help on where to start. Then keep an open mind and be ready to make changes to the schedule if not everything goes as planned!

You can also read this article about twins must-haves to use at home and when you are travelling.


Extra tips for flying with twins

When flying it is important to make a distinction between flying with twin babies and under 2’s or with toddlers/older kids.

Flying with twins under 2

On top of the advice, we have seen before that applies to any type of trip, when traveling with infant twins you need to also consider a few extra things.

Check the airline’s rules.

Each airline is different and has different rules regarding flying with infant twins. For example, not all airlines allow one single adult to travel with two babies. Other airlines have restrictions on the weight of the stroller you can check-in for free.

Each airline seems to have a different age/weight limit for the use of bassinets… and so on. If you are prepared you can organise yourself in advance.

Choose the right seat

Seats on a domestic flight. Most airlines let family with babies choose their seats for free in advance. Kids under 2 don’t need to have a seat allocated but remember that most airlines won’t allow two adults with a child each on their lap to sit in the same row. Sometimes the system is not setup to prevent this and you may finalise the booking online, but then onboard you will be asked to split up.

British Airways offer cots but also this sort of bouncer that is perfect for older babies.

Seats on an international flight. You should be able to pick the seat near the bulkhead wall. That is where you can fix the bassinet. However don’t forget that the bassinet is offered on a first come first served basis, so ask the flight attendant to give you 2 as soon as you board. (Also make sure to check in advance if there are age/weight limits on their use)

Flight time

Choose the flight time that best suits your twins’ sleeping pattern. Remember you are the one that knows your kids best, don’t rely on those who say the best time to fly long-haul is at night while they are sleeping. My kids didn’t start to sleep on a plane until they were 3 years old, so for us the best was to fly during the day so we could entertain them and avoid meltdowns trying to get them to sleep.

Extra seat

Consider booking an extra seat. If your flight is particularly cheap or particularly long it could be worth booking an extra seat (of course if money is not an issue you can also book two extra seats). Many airlines let you bring an approved car seat onboard. You will then be able to use the extra seat for the car seat to make the journey more comfortable for everyone. A car seat is of course another big item to carry around, but if you are flying with a baby that has reached 10kg/22lb already, then you can use Cares Harness. They are a super simple (FAA approved) restraint to use in combination with the regular seat belt for kids sitting in their own seat. Amazing!

Extra food and extra nappies

Bring extra food and extra nappies! While I always recommend parents avoid carrying extra weight as nappies and formula are usually easily available worldwide, you must make sure you have extra food and nappies when on a plane. Planes can be delayed for many reasons and many times you are not allowed to leave the aircraft, do be prepared.

Direct flights

Pick direct flights. While sometimes it is cheaper to book a connecting flight, picking direct flights is a smart decision for families with young children. The added time spent traveling can really challenge your patience and make you feel like giving up on the whole trip. This is particularly important in the first 3 years, after that kids start to be more understanding and changing flight can even become an interesting activity.

Some airport offer free stroller to use int he terminal, but until now we only found them twice in Gatwick and once in Japan at the Haneda airport
Some airports offer free strollers to use in the terminal, but until now we only found them twice in Gatwick and once in Japan at the Haneda airport. Make sure you have an alternative in case your kids are too tired to walk

Flying with twins alone: is it possible?

If you are traveling alone with your twins under 2, it is usually possible to buy an extra seat for them. Most airlines have a policy of only allowing 1 infant on lap per adult. However, some will let you book an extra seat and bring on an infant car seat instead.

Flying with twin toddlers and over 2’s

Flying with toddler twins and over 2’s will be similar to flying with children at any age. It gradually gets easier as they will be able to entertain themselves. Just a few reminders:

  • Don’t bring small toys that your child will forget after a few minutes and then you will need to search for them all over the plane.
  • If you allow your child to watch some cartoons on a tablet then bring appropriate headphones as the small earphones the airlines supply are not good for kids and will keep falling out of their ears.
  • Give each of them a small backpack where they can bring their snack, a toy, a book, water, and headphones. It will also make them feel like mum and dad!

When to start travelling with twins?

You can start to travel with twins any time you want, each age has its advantages and disadvantages. Believe in yourself and your ability to travel with twins no matter what your kids’ age!

Travel while pregnant with twins

Ok, this is a stage that not everyone considers, but it is still a possibility. I was able to fly when I was almost six months pregnant with my twins. As usual, it was quite a big trip and whilst I was ok, I was getting too tired and was starting to feel the weight of my pregnant belly too much. It would have been better if I went before the fifth month.

Of course always listen to your doctor, but if they give you the ok, a trip while pregnant could be an easy way to keep your mind busy, relax and even enjoy life at what can be a challenging time. Choose a destination with good health care, buy comprehensive insurance and everything should be fine.

Like many twins’ mums, I was really concerned about twin to twin transfusion, and that trip really helped me to distract myself and avoid negative and stressful thoughts. We went on a 10 day road trip from San Antonio in Texas to New Orleans, finishing with 5 days in New York. I knew where the good hospitals were at each stage in case I needed and we had a wonderful time.

If you decide to fly later in your pregnancy, check airlines’ policies beforehand as they vary and some don’t accept pregnant women to fly after 32 weeks. Flying while pregnant with twins could also require you to take some medication, make sure you tell your doctor details about your proposed trip and how long is the flight. I had to have some injections before and after the flight to prevent thrombosis. Always check!

Travelling with infant twins 1-6 months

At this stage, the babies sleep a lot and usually don’t need much more than feeding, nursing, and cuddling, but don’t forget that this is happening constantly! I used to think: “Where has the day gone?” at the end of each day. Even just going out for a walk or buying food is a struggle, leaving the house seems to take forever!

However, if you take things slowly, it is entirely feasible! Just begin with a short trip near to your home so that you can practice!

One of the most challenging tasks when travelling with infant twins is to keep a consistent feeding schedule. If you are breastfeeding it can be easier as you can stop everywhere. However consider that when you are out and about it could be time-consuming if you haven’t yet mastered double feeding. If you bottle-feed it is faster but you need to have everything with you all the time and, depending on how you prepare the bottles, also hot water.

If you have a stroller with carrycots approved for overnight sleep they are really convenient as you don’t need to worry about bringing a travel cot with you while away.

In the first 6 months of their life, we made simple trips with Liam and Santiago. From London, our first weekend away was just a couple of hours on the road to Botany Bay, when they were around 5-6 weeks old. Then we flew to Northern Ireland and Italy when they were 3 and 4 months old. Trips to Northern Ireland and Italy were our training camp! At almost 6 months we went for 10 days to Madeira for a relaxing holiday.

Travelling with twins 6-12 months

It is much easier to travel with your twins at this age. Usually, their feeding schedule has become more regular and they sleep better. They usually don’t walk yet and are starting to sit in a high chairs in a restaurant. They start to be really curious and just a few toys can entertain them for long.

In this period we travelled more in the UK and we went exploring Bruges.

Micralite travel cot. Together with the Phil and Teds travel cot is the best option to consider.

When your kids reach 6 months you will need a travel cot. Often hotels supply them for free, but not always. Sometimes it could be more cost effective to bring your own travel cot.

Travelling with twins 12-24 months

This is when youngsters begin to walk and learn about their independence. They become restless and daring. If you are flying with them this is probably the most challenging stage.

You will still need to bring certain items with you, such as some easy meals in case the kids become fussy with different cuisine.

I found that beach holidays can also be a nightmare, we personally found it much easier to go to Japan when they were 17 months old and Instanbul at 23 months than spending time on the beach at 13 months.

Travelling with twins 24-36 months

At this stage, children can understand and try to follow what you say. They are more confident walking around by themselves, but that doesn’t mean they won’t complain and need constant entertainment.

You will need to have some toys, snacks, and other distractions ready as they will become tired and usually begin to get upset at some point during the day.

Between the ages of 24 and 36 months, most children are trained to go without a nappy, which is a huge step forward because you don’t have to worry about always carrying or looking for nappies anymore.

Travelling with twins 36 months and over

Children can understand more, but they need adult assistance to manage certain tasks. They are totally mobile and independent however they still need support in some activities, such as in a restaurant when they have to sit still for longer.

Children over the age of three understand more about what is going on around them, so they will notice more details on the trip and have a better memory.

It is important to keep in mind that by this age even if they are more flexible they still have and love routines. Make sure you don’t plan so many activities that they become exhausted both mentally and physically because this will just make the trip unpleasant for everyone.

I would consider continuing to use a pram up until around the age of four or five years old. I think that kids this young appreciate being moved about and the chance to rest. If you are used to occasionally still wearing the kids, then three is probably the limit if you use a normal carrier instead of a specially designed backpack type.

We used a normal carrier to transport the boys in the difficult section of Machu Picchu when they were three, and it was fine for an hour or so. It would have been uncomfortable for longer.

Feeding twins while travelling

As I was mentioning before, when they are babies, it could be a bit challenging to get organised with feeding.

Breastfeeding is time-consuming, but you don’t have the stress of preparing bottles when you are in the middle of nowhere or on a plane.

Our babies breastfed for the first 3 and a half months, then moved to special milk formula as we discovered they were lactose intolerant. As new parents, we wanted to follow NHS advice to always use freshly boiled water to kill any potential bacteria in the formula. That means we were always trying to find a cafe or restaurant to get hot water. Just in case, we were also carrying two thermos flasks with boiled water, one really hot and one a little cooler to mix, plus of course several formula pre-measured dispensers.

If we knew were out for more than one feed we would have brought two sets of bottles, not ideal when you fly, but we didn’t want to risk reusing the non sterilized ones. Now we found something amazing has been invented, a bottle liner. They fit inside the bottle and then you dispose them. Not environmentally friendly, but ideal to use when it is impossible to safely sterilize a bottle.

To sterilize bottles when you are at your hotel or apartment there are other great and easy-to-transport solutions, like the microwave bag or single bottles sterilizer.

You maybe need to practice a little, but you will master the bottle feed on the go quickly.

Food while travelling with twins: pizza is always well appreciated

Where to travel with twins?

Many people will tell you that kids are born and raised all over the world so you could go wherever you want.

You can indeed travel anywhere but it is perhaps better to take one step at a time. Start by going somewhere not far from home for a long weekend. You will feel comfortable that if something doesn’t work you can easily go back home.

Test your packing skills and get comfortable feeding and changing the kids on the go. Test your ability to cope when people are looking at you while both children scream uncontrollably.

Before flying internationally, try taking a shorter flight to get some practice in. If possible choose a destination you can find a lot of info about. Plan everything in advance (did I say that already?).

When our kids were 17 months we took our first long-haul flight and went to Japan. We picked this destination because I knew I could plan everything in super detail. I knew in advance even the platform where each train would leave from! It was reassuring to have a detailed schedule, to know how to move around and to easily find all the detailed information we needed. We knew that Japan was a super clean place with low criminality and excellent hospitals (just in case!).

We’ve never made a better decision! That trip was a success from every point of view!


Travelling with twins can be a lot of work, but it is so worth it! The memories you will make are priceless.

Our goal is simple – we want all families who are expecting multiples or already have them at home, to feel confident about travelling and exploring together!

We have given you a lot of tips in this post on how to make travelling with twins easier, but don’t forget to experiment and find what works best for your family. We hope our tips have given you some ideas about when to start travelling with your twins, where to go, and how to make the experience as smooth as possible for everyone involved. The most important thing is to relax and enjoy the journey – after all, that’s what travel is all about!

We hope our advice helps make your next trip an unforgettable one! Have fun exploring the world with your little ones!!

Are there any other tips you would add? What has been your favorite trip with your twins? Let us know in the comments below. If you feel overwhelmed get in touch, I will be more than happy to have a chat!


Clotilde is a resilient, resourceful and adventurous person that navigate the world of travelling with kids. She is a mum of 7 years old twins and she share practical tips, profound insights and genuine personal experience to empowers family to embrace travel with children as an enriching experience rather than a daunting challenge.

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