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MALDIVES WITH KIDS: top Maldives child friendly resort

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The Maldives, from the distant seventies, have been the exclusive destination of honeymoon couples or VIPs of the International jet set, where to go to in the Maldives with kids was not in the FAQs, and certainly there wasn’t “child friendly Maldives” as the headline of any tourist board.

Many things have however, changed over time both in the way of traveling and in the family organization.

Lastly (a decade ago), the removal of a law that prohibited tourists from visiting the Maldives outside of the resorts has contributed to transforming the Maldives into a destination for a new varied mix of tourists.

Alongside celebrities from the world of entertainment or sport we find perhaps less exalted individuals who plan How to budget for Maldives to achieve the dream vacation of a lifetime, or families looking for the best Maldives family resorts.

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But… are the Maldives for kids? Are the Maldives child friendly? These are some of the most common questions parents are asking when starting to consider a trip to this enchanting island…and the short answer is absolutely yes!

They are a paradise for the kids: people are super welcoming, the criminality is really low and the water near the beaches are mostly really shallow, the only things to decide is how to organize your family trip to Maldives and to find the best family resort for you!


Obviously the choice is vast and the factors to consider are multitude, but here below you will find a list of some of the best family resorts in Maldives, with highlighted characteristics that distinguish them, in particular:

  • Kids club
  • Possibility of stay and / or eat free
  • Services available
  • Type of accommodation

COMPARISON CHART: the best family resorts in the Maldives


Hotel nameRatingProPrice

4.7-Great kids club open 0900-1800
-Kids under 6 eat free
-2 kids under 12 per room stay free
-Beach villas with almost private beach

white line



Hotel nameRatingProPrice

Six sense laamu
-Great kids club (4-12 years old) open 0900-12:30 and 1400-1800
-Kids under 5 eat free from kids menu
-2 kids under 6 per room stay free
-Bikes available in different sizes to explore the island


soneva fushi
5-Perfect for big families
-Amazing kids club (from 4 years old) open 1000-1700, plus they organize some evening activities
-Ice cream parlour free for all family
-Many villas have fun water -slide


4.7-Good kids club from 4 years old
-Great -"Ultimate All inclusive programme" with several activities good for kids, including some motorised sports
-E-zone for over 11

LUX* South Ari Atoll Resort & Villas *****

lux south ari atoll resort
4.5-Kids club, kids pool
-Kids under 5 stay free and eat free (max 2)
-Great activity pack on arrival
-Movies on the beach
-Ice cream parlour


sun aqua vilu reef
4.6-2 kids stay free and eat free
-Good kids club
-Great beach villa with pool
-Nap room for small kids

white line


4.7-Great kids club (4 - 11 years old) from 0900- 2100
-Great activities programme to fill full days, including theme days and art and craft
-Kids menu available (extra charge)


4.6-Amazing kids club from 4 years old
-Great activities structure in 3 ages group (4-8 years old, 8-12 years old and from 13 years old)
-kids club 4-12 open 1000-1800
-Monitor and other baby essentials available
-Free meals for children under 6




holiday inn kandooma
4.2-Kids club for 4 - 12 years old open 0800-2000
-Napping area at the kids club
-Splashing pool
-Kids under 12 eat for freewhite line


bandos maldives
4.2-Kids club for 3 - 12 years old open 0800-1700
-Limited kids menu
-Kids under 2 eat free
-Kids pool
-Great improvement at the kids club in recent years


Not all Maldives resorts for families need to be extremely expensive. The 2 resorts above, the Holiday Inn Kandooma and the Bandos Maldives, are a good example of great value for services received.

Maybe they will not be as luxurious as some of the others but they still put a lot of effort to put together a great offer for families.

However, if budgeting is the main barrier to your dream family holiday to the Maldives you should consider to split your time between one of the resorts and one of the Maldivian local island.

Do you need some tips to build your family trip itinerary? Check out this Step by step guide!


RECOMMENDED: Conrad Maldives, why it is one of the best Maldives child friendly resorts

Family friendly resorts in Maldives are not a rarity, but Conrad Maldives is one of the most special. It is not a resort designed specifically for children, but it is the perfect combination of a classy, ​​luxury place, but where families traveling to the Maldives with kids will also feel comfortable and the kids enthralled.

There are many reasons why I rate The Conrad Maldives a terrific child friendly resort in Maldives, here are the key elements:

Size of the resort

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island (this is the full name) is spread over a very large area for the number of accommodations, this makes it very easy to find spaces where there is no one else and families can relax and have fun without irritating other guests .

In my opinion Maldives kid friendly resorts must provide for both, couples and families, the right balance between privacy and entertainment, and not sacrifice exclusivity just for comfort. Having generous spaces available greatly facilitates the combination.

The resort is made up of three islands. Two islands are for guests and one is reserved for staff. Rangali Island and Rangali Finolhu are the two islands dedicated to guests. Rangali island is the smaller and more private with different types of accommodation, and 4 bar / restaurant options. Only the Quiet zone is reserved for adults only.

Rangali Finolhu is the largest island where in addition to accommodation there are the reception, kids club, swimming pools for adults and children, diving center, water sports center, spa, various shops, and restaurants. In all there are 12 restaurants on the islands.

Kids club

The Majaa kids club is located near the Atoll restaurant. In December 2019, it had been temporarily moved to the center of the island because it was under renovation.

The center is open from 0900 to 1800 and the activity program is packed and varied. The children are involved in thematic activities from sports games to mini coking classes, up to a Pirate Ship battle where they go out to sea in one of the Dhoni, used as a pirate ship. Staff members on another Dhoni are waiting on the other side of the island to simulate a real pirate battle with the kids … I was so jealous !!!

conrad rangali maldives beach
At the Conrad Rangali Maldives you could often have the beach all for yourself.

Almost like having a private beach

For me what makes the Conrad one of the Maldives best family resorts is the fact that there is no need to constantly look around to see if the kids are bothering other guests. On the beach this is delightfully clear.

During our stay the resort was 90% full but despite this we rarely had other people around us on the beach. There are so many options and activities available that people are dispersed and there is never a risk of finding crowds. The waters of the lagoon start pleasantly low and calm to allow children to play safely on the shore

Kids eat free

Another worry of a family trip to Maldives with toddlers is the food. Well not here!
Kids are not allowed in all of the 12 restaurants but in most of them, and kids under 6 years old also eat free when an adult is eating, if they choose from the kids menu!

Always check though as this could change from time to time. Food is not cheap, so saving on the kids rate is always welcomed!

Conrad Maldives kids breakfast
Conrad Maldives chef making pancakes for kids

Beach Villa

There are a variety of types of accommodation available, but what makes a true family friendly Maldives resort are the Beach villas.

They all have direct access to the beach from the simplest to the deluxe with their private swimming pool.
The villas are spaced from each other in order to guarantee the necessary privacy, and on the beach in front of the villa is an umbrella with two reserved beds (to which they can add others for the children on request).

With small children this situation is ideal with the beach deserted for most of the time so there is no danger of feeling embarrassed by the occasional tantrum.

CONRAD MALDIVES: the overwater villa sunset view from the overwater villa is lovely but the beach villa is much safer for younger kids
CONRAD MALDIVES: the Sunset view from the overwater villa is lovely but the beach villa is much safer for younger kids

Golf cart

The 2 guest islands are connected by a long pontoon (half way there is the sea plane arrival / departure lounge).

The pontoon itself is a leisurely 10 min stroll, but this of course depends where you start and where you want to go, it could take 20-25 minutes to walk from your starting to end point.

Golf carts are available on request, and I’m sure you will not want to walk so often after the first ride on one, and probably the kids will not want to walk anymore at all!

CONRAD MALDIVES: taking the golf cart is super fun for kids


Moreover, if the golf cart was not a sufficient diversion for internal transport, a traditional boat called a dhoni shuttles between the reception and the quiet zone and will certainly delight the little ones. Especially if they have already participated in the pirate ship cruise !!!

Ithaa underwater restaurant

This restaurant is a paradise for children especially for those who have not yet learned to snorkel. It is like being in an aquarium with a multitude of colorful fish, turtles, reef sharks, and manta rays fascinating everyone.

The bill is salty, there is no doubt, but you can mitigate by waiting for the cocktail hour instead of lunch or dinner. Check with the staff before booking though as children’s access is not always authorized.

CONRAD MALDIVES: baby shark in the lagoon
CONRAD MALDIVES: baby shark in the lagoon

Sighting Barrier sharks and Manta Ray

The long pontoon connecting the two islands that make up the resort is the perfect sighting spot for baby sharks and Manta Ray.

Baby sharks can easily be seen even just sitting on the shore, but in the evening when the pontoon is illuminated from below it is the moment when you can sit quietly and wait, even for the not so rare Manta Ray.

Obviously these are the prominent elements that in my opinion make Conrad a true family resorts in maldives, but there is no shortage of other more common elements such as the children’s pool (a bit small to be honest), the babysitting service, the various excursions, or even the possibility of renting movies directly from the TV in your room while using room service.

CONRAD MALDIVES: picture capture while seating on the beach...yes they are coming so close!!!
CONRAD MALDIVES: picture captured while sitting on the beach…yes they are coming so close!!!


When organizing their Maldives family holiday many parents ask themselves if there will be enough things to do in Maldives with kids. At the Conrad Maldives there is no danger of getting bored, and entertaining the children will not be difficult.

    Activities at no cost, but for sure entertaining. At lunchtime around 1:30 pm at the Mandhoo restaurant the fish are fed and you can easily sit nearby to admire the show.
    Another reason to call it the best Maldives resorts for families is that the house reef begins a few meters from the beach. Even the youngest children can easily put their heads under the calm waters of the lagoon with a mask (all snorkeling equipment can be rented for free at the diving center), and appreciate a world of colorful fish. Unfortunately, the corals have not yet fully recovered after the problems caused by Nino in 98, but the situation is improving.

    Also in this case there is a wealth of choice. Some free and great activities such as stand up paddle boarding (we did paddle boarding in Malta when our boys were 3 year old and they were absolutely happy to sit in front of them), pedal boats, or kayaking. Others for a fee such as the glass bottom boat perhaps for slightly younger children who have not yet experienced snorkeling.

    Depending on the age of the children also in this you could have a choice so vast as to find it overwhelming. From boat trips to see the dolphins, a picnic on a deserted island, to the sunset fishing, these are just some of the more suitable activities for the little ones. Of course, remember that all these extras add up and can be expensive, however if you have decided to get to know the other side of the Maldives by also exploring the islands inhabited by the locals, then I advise you to consider booking some excursions also from the local islands to save money, if you want here I talk about it in more detail.
    Of all the things to do in maldives with family, perhaps getting on a seaplane will thrill mom and dad as much as the children. Definitely an experience to do at least once in a lifetime (children under 12 pay half price)

THINGS TO REMEMBER: when you are at the Conrad Maldives or at any other resort

  • The seaplane for children is certainly a fun part of the journey, but don’t forget that seaplanes fly only during daylight. In case your flight arrives in the evening you will have to stop for the night in Male

  • The prices you see around the resort don’t include taxes. Resorts islands charge 10% service charge + 12% GST (goods & service tax). everything you purchase will have 23.2% added to the initial price
  • The Maldives is a Muslim country. In the resorts island you will be free to walk around dressed as you wish, but if you visit a local island remember to cover up respecting the local culture.
  • Clothing: you will not need heels or your Carrie Bradshaw collection. In most resorts a nice pair of sandals will be enough when you go to a restaurant, you are probably barefoot the rest of the time.
  • There are always some shops but nothing like a supermarket, so bring some snacks for the kids and enough suncream.
  • You will not need cash, every meal, excursion or drink will be added to your final bill.

I hope this article will help you to organise your best family holiday to the Maldives! Enjoy!!!!

Clotilde is a resilient, resourceful and adventurous person that navigate the world of travelling with kids. She is a mum of 7 years old twins and she share practical tips, profound insights and genuine personal experience to empowers family to embrace travel with children as an enriching experience rather than a daunting challenge.

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