Lima to Huacachina: 24h tested adventure in the desert oasis

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5 hours to get from Lima to Huacachina to see a Peru desert oasis? With kids in tow, to do sandboarding in Peru?…yeah I can hear you…

The travel hours required to get from Lima to Huacachina may suggest it is not worth venturing on this excursion with small children to spend only 24 hours in the Huacachina oasis. Well, I can assure you that it is worth it!

Certainly, it is a destination that seems to attract mainly teenagers and backpackers, but in the end, it is a fun place and completely different from all the others you will visit in Peru.

The Huacachina sand dunes are famous in all of South America even if Huacachina is only a small village a few km from the city of Ica, that developed around a natural desert lake.

Huacachina for us was a quick stop during our 2 week trip in Peru: we were coming from spending 2 days in Lima, and the day after returning to Lima airport to fly directly to Cusco, to spend 3 days there.

In this post, I will go through the options on how to get to Huacachina from Lima, what to do while you are there (including sandboarding in Huacachina) and your Huacachina hotel options.

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Huacachina oasis: here a view of the lagoon
Huacachina Oasis: here a view of the lagoon


There are several options, it is normal if you feel confused.

The first thing you need to decide is whether are you looking for a day trip to Huacachina from Lima, starting really early in the morning and coming back quite late at night, or do you want to visit this Peru oasis and stay there overnight.

Then you can decide more easily your preferred way to reach it.
Your options are:

  • Lima to Huacachina bus
  • Organised day trips from Lima
  • Rented car
  • Private transfer
How far is Huacachina from Lima?

Huacachina is located 190 miles, or 306 km, from Lima.

Let’s see the details:

Lima to Huacachina bus

Public bus: The cheapest way

There isn’t a direct public bus from Lima to Huacachina, you will need to get on a Lima-Ica bus. Once in Ica, the most practical choice is to take a taxi which, from Ica to Huacachina, costs around 7-10 soles and in around 10 minutes you’ll be there.

Cruz del Sur is a reliable company (we used them to go from Puno to Arequipa) and they have several buses leaving their Lima bus terminal early in the morning. (Each bus company has a different depot in Lima, the Cruz de Sur depot is close to Miraflores)

The last Ica to Lima bus is at 8 pm (always double check), this will give you enough time to explore Huacachina (and Ica if you want) and to go sandboarding.
Oltursa is another bus company that reaches Ica, but they have much fewer buses during the day.

The bus journey is around 4 ½ – 5 hours each way and the tickets start from $12. For a Huacachina day trip from Lima, this will be your cheapest option.

If you want a great overview of the transfer available you can check on the 12Go website below.

Powered by 12Go system

Private bus: The more organised way with Peru Hop

Peru Hop is a relatively new private bus company that uses the hop on hop-off concept like the sightseeing buses in touristic cities. You can buy a multiday ticket and move between different places as you wish within the timeframe.

Peru Hop could be a good option if from Huacachina you want to continue your journey towards the south of Peru, instead of going back to Lima. If you have one of the multiple day tickets you can decide to stay overnight in Huacachina and continue your journey the day after.

They also offer organized day trips, including Lima to Huacachina that include all the activities and transfers, but no food. This option is of course more expensive than Cruz del Sur (starting from $129), but everything is organized for you and it also includes other attractions. They will pick you up at your hotel at 5:30/6:00 am and bring you back around midnight.


If you are not planning to use Peru Hop more than for the day trip from Lima to Huacachina, could be worth booking your ticket through Get Your Guide. You will be able to cancel up to one day before in case you change your mind. If you buy with Peu Hop directly you will save the little commission they charge but you can only reschedule.

GOOD TO KNOW: This tour is fully refundable up to 24 hours before they start

Huacachina Oasis
Huacachina Oasis

Organised day trips to Huacachina from Lima

Huacachina tours from Lima are the easiest way to discover the Peru desert and other attractions on the way. Lima day trips last around 15/16 hours.

The most common tours combine some of these attractions: Ballestas Island, pisco tours, Nazca flight, and of course Huacachina sandboarding.

This is a great option if you don’t have much time and you want to see as much as possible. These tours will pick you up in your hotel in Miraflores, Isidro and Barranco and have everything organized for you. They are not cheap but you get a lot in a short space of time!

At the end of the day they are not much different from the Peru Hop option, but you should have more flexibility and the groups could be smaller.

GOOD TO KNOW: Some of the tour companies impose age limits. Check if young children can participate.

Here are some good options:


The organisation of this tour is really similar to the one that Peru Hop offers, but the groups should be smaller and some food is included.

If you are short on time and you have always been fascinated by the Nazca line this Lima to Huacachina day trip is probably your best option. You will not stop for the Pisco tasting and vineyard tour, but you will have the possibility to fly over the Desert to see the enigmatic lines.

GOOD TO KNOW: these tours are fully refundable up to 24h before they start

Private transfer: the comfy way

This has been the option we chose to use. We didn’t want to waste money, but I figured out that with our schedule this would have been the best option for us.

You need to evaluate your situation and reflect if the money spent this way could enable you to do something that otherwise you would not be able to achieve. I think this service is perfect if:

  • you don’t want to spend 16 hours on the road (especially if you have kids that by the end of the day would be super grumpy). Most Lima day tours last at least as long.

  • You need to go back to Lima the day after and go straight to the airport. With the public buses, the time would be tight considering the bus schedule and change of transport.

We used Taxidatum (the same company we used to pick us up from the airport when we arrived) and they asked for US $330 (in total for 5 people). We got a comfortable minivan that picked us from our hotel in Lima and brought us back directly to the airport the day after. I emailed another couple of company but they were much more expensive.

We spent the night in Huacachina, and the overall price included the driver’s fee to cover food and accommodations. When you book a private transfer you can of course personalise your itinerary and add any stop you want.

Car rental: the more independent way

To be honest this is an excellent option, we rented a car in Cusco to drive in the Sacred Valley for 5 days and we didn’t have any problems, despite the few negative comments I found around the network.

We haven’t chosen this option in this case only because the price for 1 day wasn’t competitive enough and as we had a flight to catch, I didn’t want to risk getting into any unexpected trouble.

The road from Lima to Huacachina is really easy to follow with road signs along the way in case you don’t have signal on your phone. We didn’t encounter much traffic and the road is in decent condition.

More or less halfway through your journey, there is a police block where they check documents and car conditions. Everything only takes a few minutes.

When we rent a car, we always use Car Rental Net. They include in the final price any extra fees, like one way or drop off to a different location, so you don’t need to be worried about surprises on the final price at the check-in.

note list


If, like us, you decide to stay in Huacachina overnight, the first thing to do when you arrive, probably around lunchtime, is to check in to your hotel, and relax by the pool or eat while the sun is really high and hot.

Around 4:30 the temperature is more bearable and it is time to start your desert adventure. Huacachina is a small village but it is easy enough to spend a couple of days there without being bored.

Sandboarding in Huacachina Desert Oasis

Sandboarding in Huacachina is one of the main reasons people come here and we were no exception.

If you arrived with one of the many Huacachina tours your sandboarding activity is probably included in your package (always double check). If you travel independently you will not have any problem booking it even just when you arrive.

You can ask your hostel/hotel for help or ask the different shops that promote dune buggy tours and usually have sandboards outside.

Sandboarding prices are quite similar between the different companies, but it is good to check or ask your hotel for a more reputable/safer option, and you may want to check the sandboarding equipment.
To be honest looking at the boards outside the shops they all seem quite old, but if you are planning to sandboard with all the gear then this element is more relevant.

Most people will be sandboarding by simply sliding down while lying on their stomach, so if you are part of this category then the board’s condition is less relevant as long as it is waxed well to let you slide fast!!!

In general sandboarding and a buggy tour on Huacachina sand dunes lasts around 2 hours and costs around $15 per person. These tours usually don’t teach you how to sandboard, but if you would like to learn sandboarding in Peru you could join a tour with a teacher and learn to master a new skill.

Sandboarding tips:

  • Usually it is better to participate in late afternoon sessions to avoid the scorching sun and appreciate the sunset in the desert, but you have options also in the morning (sunset not included though!!!)

  • Wear closed shoes especially if you don’t like to go too fast as you may use your feet to try to slow down.

  • Bring as little as possible with you as you will end up with sand everywhere. Better to keep your technology and valuables safe

  • Shouting in terror or delight too much while you are sliding down could mean your mouth getting full of sand…keep it shut or cover it!!!!

  • last but not least don’t forget the usual: water and sun-cream!

What about skiing in Peru? Yes…that’s also another option, you can do sand skiing if you prefer. A little less common to see skiers on top of the dunes, but no worries because most tours will be able to accommodate your request to ski over the sand dunes in Peru!

Huacachina Oasis
Huacachina Oasis

Huacachina sandboarding when you have kids

Initially, I was quite worried that we wouldn’t be able to sandboard because Liam and Santiago are still very young (they were just 3).

Online I had read many reviews by adults who criticized the reckless driving of the buggies that go on the dunes. Indeed two companies that I had contacted online to book told me that they advised against this activity for under 4 years old.

What I did then was to get in touch in advance with the hotel (every hotel can organize a buggies/sandboarding excursion) and they offered us a private tour for 240 Peruvian soles (around US $60 for the 4 of us). I found it a very reasonable price, considering that this way we have been able to tell the driver to avoid driving like crazy and the boys loved it!

Our Taxidatum driver was of course spending the day in Huacachina too, so he joined us on the tour. This was great because people in Peru are always friendly, chatty, and interactive so he was also keeping an eye on Liam and Santiago and playing with them while we were going down the dunes sandboarding!!!

We stopped in 2 different places for sandboarding, and while we were sandboarding the boys were super happy playing with sand, and then the driver strapped them into their 5-point harnesses to come down the dunes and collect me and Mark…we all had such a fun time. After that we stopped in another spot to watch the sunset on the desert, and then with another adrenaline rush we came back to the Oasis.

Huacachina Oasis Clo and Mark buggies and sandboarding
Huacachina Oasis watching the sunset over the dunes

Climb Huacachina sand dunes

Even if you participate in a dune buggy tour, it is still fascinating to set out on foot on the dunes. If you stop to spend the night in Huacachina, I strongly recommend that you walk up the sand dunes very early in the morning. The sand is cool and the air is still not too hot.

Plan at least an hour to go up on foot .. it will take you much less to come down!!!

Rent a boat on the lake

I found the lagoon really fascinating, the colours of the water with the vegetation around it and the dunes as a background are enchanting.

At the lagoon, you can rent pedal boats or rowing boats (we paid 20 soles for half an hour of exercise for Mark!) … obviously we couldn’t miss the opportunity and we even managed not to drop Liam or Santiago in the water! Success!

Huacachina oasis: you can rent pedal boat or rowing boat by the lagoon for jus 20 soles per half an hour
Huacachina Oasis: you can rent pedal boat or rowing boat by the lagoon for just 20 soles per half an hour

Party in Huacachina

Partying in Huacachina is the second reason for a visit after sandboarding.

We did not actively participate, but it is easy to see the party atmosphere already from dinner time. Most of the clubs with late-night music overlook the lake, so consider this when choosing your hotel if you want a quiet night. Around the lagoon there are various shops and hostels where you can eat or drink something, but don’t forget that in the morning everything is really quiet.

Vineyard tour

Ica is only 5 km from Huacachina and is situated in a really favourable position to grow tasty grapes perfect for producing the famous Pisco.

The grapes brought here from the Spanish, adapted well to the different soil and made Ica the centre of wine and Pisco in Peru. If you have time then a visit to one of the many vineyards can be organised all year round. Don’t miss it!!!


Hotels in Huacachina reflect the target audience, so for the most part, they are lower-priced accommodations such as hostels or guesthouses.

The oasis is very small so it will not be difficult to take a look at all the options if you wish, but keep in mind that some hostels do not accept children, and some guesthouses only offer solutions with shared bathrooms.

Here are the 2 best options:

el huacachinero


We were quite happy with our choice to stay at the El Huacachinero Hotel. The structure is pretty, somewhat reminiscent of American motel facilities with the rooms opening onto the internal garden with a swimming pool. The rooms and bathrooms are decidedly basic but reasonably clean. The swimming pool and the garden are very inviting but the breakfast is very disappointing, unfortunately.

Initially, I had booked a triple room with a bathroom (the second child could stay for free if sleeping with us) but on arrival, I paid the small difference for a quadruple ( we paid in total US $90… a bit overpriced for the offer but I think I would choose the same again considering the other options).

banana adventures hostel


Probably the best Huacachina hostel. The Banana’s Adventure Hostel has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Most of the rooms overlook the pleasant central swimming pool. It also offers an interesting formula, where the price of the room every day also includes an activity of your choice between a Dune Buggy Tour, a Barbecue Dinner or a Wineries Tour.

I hope I convinced you that Huacachina Oasis isn’t only a backpacker or Millenial destination, but can also be a lot of fun for families!! If you are planning your trip to Peru go ahead and include a Lima to Huacachina trip!


If your trip to Peru also include a visit to Machu Picchu don’t miss to read my detailed post on How to buy tickets for Machu Picchu or the one about How to visit Machu Picchu with kids

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