Cabin Zero review: the best backpack to save money on low-cost airlines.

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Cabin Zero review

This Cabin Zero review will help you to decide if this backpack is a reliable and affordable travel solution for you.

The Cabin Zero Classic backpack is a solid and versatile backpack that is perfect for both short and long trips and for budget-conscious travellers.

It offers incredible value for money and, even if it may not have all the bells and whistles of higher-end brands, we will show you why we think it is also one of the best investments to save money when you travel on low-cost airlines.

It is important to say that we are not a “backpacking family”. While we acknowledge that our use of this backpack helps us save lots of money while travelling on budget airlines, we understand that we don’t fit the conventional definition of backpackers who may pack to be on the road for six months or a year. We like all types of travel, but we also appreciate comfort. Our goal is to help you save money in areas where spending more doesn’t provide you with any additional benefits.

Cabin Zero stands out from other brands due to its remarkable lightweight and spacious design. These are the key factors that make it an excellent alternative to your conventional carry-on luggage.

Let’s start by looking at the design, functionality, and pros and cons of this Cabin Zero bag, then we will look at more details on how it can help you to save money when travelling and who should/shouldn’t buy it.

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Cabin Zero review: Design

The Cabin Zero Classic backpack’s appeal lies in what some may consider a drawback. The design is incredibly simple, consisting of a lightweight shell that allows you to organize it in the most convenient way for you.

Inside there are only two zipped pockets and a sleeve to keep a small to medium laptop (max 15.6′). Outside there is a large zipped area on the front. That’s it.

It opens almost completely, just like a suitcase, allowing you to easily access everything.

I appreciate this design for its ability to optimize space utilization. While some people prefer multiple pockets for organizing smaller items, it’s important to note that these pockets can also limit how to use the overall space and add unnecessary weight to the backpack.

Certainly, it is important to ensure that these specifics align with your personal preferences. Additionally, it is worth noting that to maximize the capacity of the backpack, utilizing packing cubes is highly recommended. If you pack lots of small items without packing cubes, you will have a hard time finding what you need quickly.

When using packing cubes you can really fit a lot inside this backpack (watch the video further down the page).

Looking at other design features you will find convenient handles on the top and side, facilitating easy manoeuvrability. The compression straps do a great job of compressing the bag, allowing you to use it as a daypack when necessary.

The shoulder straps are well-shaped and padded so it is really comfortable to carry the backpack.

Cabin Zero delivers worldwide. In many countries, they deliver for free if you spend more than a certain amount.

Cabin Zero review: Technical aspect

Cabin Zero offers the Classic Travel Backpack in three different sizes: 28L, 36L, and 44L catering to the diverse needs of travellers. With an extensive range of over 30 colour options, you’re sure to find a colourway that resonates with your style.

The 36L size we’ve tested for nearly two years strikes a perfect balance between spaciousness and portability, making it an ideal choice for one-bag travel.

Made from lightweight 600D polyester, the CabinZero Classic Travel Backpack won’t weigh you down. The 36L only weighs 700gr.

When it comes to hardware, the Classic Travel Backpack doesn’t disappoint. The YKK zippers are reliable and durable, ensuring that your belongings stay secure.

There is also a built-in Okoban tracking tag which you can register on the Okoban website. In case you decide to put your backpack on hold, the tag will help in locating and returning your backpack in the event of loss.

Few words on packing cubes

Cabin Zero review

I am a massive fan of the packing cubes. Since I discovered them six years ago I never travel without them. I have four different brands, bought over the years, but the first I got from Amazon (G4 free) remains the best of all. After six years they are still in perfect condition, they have a great structure and the zips are intact. If you buy a different model make sure:

  • they are not too flimsy or clothes will slide all over the place
  • they have a double zip for easier access
  • pick one with at least a partial view of the inside so you avoid opening them all before you find the right t-shirt

Cabin Zero review: I packed two weeks of clothes for our trip to Vietnam in the Cabin Zero 36 L Classic backpack. I wore the only pair of shoes that didn’t fit!

If you want to have an idea of how Cabin Zero backpack compares to suitable low-cost airline luggage alternatives head to this other article: How to save hundreds with Ryanair approved cabin bags. If you like us to travel with babies/toddlers take a look at the: Baby travel essential packing list


Cabin Zero Review: Pros

Let’s recap the pros:

  • The Cabin Zero Classic backpack is incredibly lightweight. There are two compelling reasons not to overlook this aspect.
    • First, many airlines have weight restrictions for carry-on luggage, with some limiting it to a maximum of 7 kg. If your backpack already weighs 2 or 3 kg, it means you’ll have less capacity for your belongings.
    • Secondly, suppose you plan on using the Cabin Zero backpack as your everyday bag at your destination. In that case, you’ll appreciate not only that is not bulky and heavy, but also that the compression straps can reduce its volume and make it comfortable to carry around.

  • The Cabin Zero backpack opens like a suitcase, allowing for effortless organization of its interior. By utilizing packing cubes, it becomes possible to comfortably fit two weeks’ worth of summer clothing inside the backpack (Personally tested and proven!). The perfect cabin size backpack!

  • The dimensions of the 36L backpack are 20x31x45 cm, making it an ideal size for most airlines to be carried on board without any additional charges.

  • While seeking shelter from sudden rain, the contents of your backpack should remain protected by its water-resistant coating.

Cabin Zero review: Cons

Although I acknowledge that there are a few drawbacks in this backpack, I personally didn’t consider them significant enough to deter me from purchasing a second one.

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