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Best beaches in Montenegro

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Montenegro is a small Balkan country not yet invaded by mass tourism. It presents itself with breathtaking landscapes of green and luxuriant mountains that throw themselves into the waters of the Adriatic Sea. Montenegro beaches are often small, rocky, and in most cases easily accessible.

Sandy beaches in Montenegro are more common in the Budva Riviera and towards the South of the country, and in peak season they can be crowded. If you are a naturist you will also find a lot of options as nudist beaches in Montenegro are also quite common.

Let’s see the top beaches that shouldn’t be missed on a trip to Montenegro.

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Best beaches in Montenegro Map
Check the map to see where the beaches are located

Kotor Bay beaches

View from Boutique Hotel Casa del Mare

The Bay of Kotor is one of the best places to stay in Montenegro to combine sightseeing with relaxing. Kotor is also really easy to reach if you are vising Dubrovnik. It is characterised by small pebble beaches mainly with few exceptions. Sometimes the beaches near Kotor are completely non-existent and replaced by less inviting concrete slabs, but since this feature pushes many people towards the beaches in Budva, the result is that these small strips of land, sometimes no more than 4-5 m deep, are quiet and uncrowded.

You will often find small bays with a handful of sunbeds and umbrellas, usually run by small hotels or guesthouses, but which can usually be used for a fee.

One of the best spots? Follow the road along the coast from Perast towards Kotor until after about 3.5 km the main road splits and a secondary road continues on the right for a few hundred meters along the coast arriving at the small but charming Boutique Hotel Casa del Mare – Amfora. Right in front of it there is access to one of these enchanting little beaches.

What makes it special is that being really small there is a limit to how many people it can host, and as the road is on a higher level you can only hear the noise of the little waves breaking on the pebbles. Usually, you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas from the hotel which also offers a delightful bar / restaurant service. There is also an access from the side of the hotel terrace that goes down to a stretch of free beach.

If you prefer bigger beaches you can look for the beach at the Huma Kotor Bay Hotel, only 20mins walking from Kotor. This completely new complex offers a reclaimed beach with all the services.

Santo Domingo – Herceg Novi

Santo Domingo beach

Montenegro is a beach lover’s paradise. The country sits along the stunning Adriatic Sea which leads to a plethora of stunning beaches and beach-side towns to explore. One of the best beaches in Montenegro is the charming and lively beach in Herceg Novi called Santo Domingo.

There are a ton of beaches to enjoy in Herceg Novi all with their own special aspects. Santo Domingo is a fun beach with a beautiful swimming area, a free area, and a paid area. The free area is open for people to lay in the sun and enjoy the water with their own towels, while the paid area offers sunbeds for rent for 5 euros a day. The added bonus of this beach is the beach bar where you can get drinks and even order food. There is nothing better than a mojito on the beach with a pizza!

Luckily this beach is open to the public. There is one half reserved for hotel guests from the hotel opposite it, but there is plenty of public free and paid space. You can reach this beach by walking along the promenade!

Recommended by Samantha from Sam Sees World

Jaz Beach-Budva

If you like small and secluded beaches but sometimes you feel the need for one of those immense and full of life beaches then Jaz beach, one of best beaches in Budva, is for you.

A long stretch of sand and pebbles, perfectly equipped even for families with umbrellas, sunbeds, and an area dedicated also as a free beach. There are various cafes and restaurants serving food and drinks under an umbrella to keep you from getting tired.

The beach has a very large free car park but is also easily accessible by bus from Budva. You can try various water sports and there are also inflatables for children. It is not exactly a beach to relax on and it could get crowded, but you will certainly not be bored.

If you are still organising your trip don’t miss the ultimate guide on the best places to stay while visiting Montenegro with all the details to help you to decide.

Sveti StefanBudva

Sveti Stefan

Only a short distance from the beach metropolis of Budva lies one of the most famous photo motifs of Montenegro, if not of the entire Balkans: the small island of Sveti Stefan. A highlight that should not be missed during a trip to Montenegro or a Balkan road trip.

Years ago, the island was still a tranquil monastery, Sveti Stefan was converted into a luxury hotel with about 250 beds – only exclusively accessible to guests. The small island with its picturesque houses surrounded by walls and the sea is also interesting for bathers.

The beach is made of pebbles, there are sunbeds and umbrellas for rent, prices are for not for the faint of heart (€100 a day for umbrella and 2 sunbeds) but you are in one of the best Montenegro beaches. In the surrounding area, drinks and snacks can be bought at many stalls and restaurants.

From the main coastal road between Budva and Bar, a small path leads through the posh neighborhoods near the coast, which have developed there since the 1950s and continue to grow up the slope opposite the island. Watch for the signs to Sveti Stefan so as not to miss the entrance.

Above the hotel complex, you’ll also find one or two free parking options, and the last few meters to the beach are down steps.

You can take advantage of the great scenery for a substantial lunch, so for the beach visit do not forget the provisions!

Recommended by Phil from JOURNICATION Travel Blog

Crvena Glavica-Budva

Crvena Glavica

Crvena Glavica is one of the best hidden beaches in Montenegro that is a bit difficult to find, but really rewarding when you are there, with very impressive red rock formations that stand out from the coast to the sea.

The best way to locate it is by following the signs for the campsite which is located a short distance away and then continue to the parking lot located at a higher level than the beach. From the car park a small path goes down to the beach. Not a sandy beach but small pebbles and rocks that help to keep the water even clearer. It can also be reached easily on foot from the famous Sveti Stefan by walking along the coast to the south to find peace and quiet, Definitely one of the best beaches.

Drobni Pijesak Beach-Budva

Drobni Pijesak

A little gem of a beach located between Petrovac and Budva. Easily accessible thanks to three different car parks (at different prices € 4/6 depending on the distance) and equipped with sun beds and umbrellas.

The car park is located at the higher level of the beach and there are concrete steps and an access ramp for the disabled to also access this secluded little beach. The water is crystalline, but the effect is even more beautiful and emphasised by the presence of white pebbles that make the water seem even clearer. A bar and restaurant complete the offer with refreshments during the hot lazy summer days.

Mala Plaža (Little Beach) – Ulcinj

Mala Plaza Ulcinj

Ulcinj is the perfect city in Montenegro for a relaxing beach getaway — it’s home to the longest beach in the country (more than 14 kilometers of coastline!), as well as dozens of pebbly, private, public, family-friendly beaches, and some of the best sandy beaches in Montenegro.

However, Mala Plaža (Little Beach) is perhaps the most famous. Located right in the middle of Ulcinj, between the Old Town and Jadran Peninsula, Mala Plaža is very hard to miss! The beach is public and has everything you need to enjoy a relaxing day by the sea: there’s a lifeguard on duty, plenty of snacks and refreshments from the nearby cafes, and even a small area to shower off before and after swimming. One of Mala Plaža’s unique features are its Bora Bora-shaped umbrellas (which you can rent by the hour, along with lounge beach chairs), which give it a cheery summer vibe as you stroll near the promenade.

Mala Plaža is great for everybody, from couples to groups of friends, and even families. The water starts off shallow for the first few meters, which is perfect for kids who want to splash around. Likewise, the waves tend to be gentle (except during high tide in the evenings) which makes Mala Plaža a great choice for newbie swimmers.

Recommended by Luda from Adventures with Luda

Ploče BeachBudva

Ploče Beach is located just outside of Budva and is the ultimate holiday destination. This pebbly beach outside of Budva has become very popular over the last few years. The main pool has a dj all day and is known for its day parties, however there are also sections available for children and adults, so this beach really has a spot for everyone! There are several different pools, as well as a restaurant and a coffee bar. You can relax in the sun on a sun lounger, or rent a jet ski for a more adventurous type of excursion. The more family friendly side of the beach has inflatable water slides for kids young and old.

The beach is located slightly outside of the city of Budva. It’s easiest to reach by car, but you can also take a quick taxi or even a boat from the port! Definitely a must-see if you’re in the area!

Reccomended by Jori from The Tejana Abroad

Zenska plaza – Ulcinj

The last beach on our list is a very special one, reserved exclusively for women. It is located near Ulcnj and it is very popular with local Muslim women who often bathe naked (as it is one of the nudist beaches in Montenegro) in the waters that legend says have miraculous powers against infertility.
The waters are enriched by a sulfuric spring which, if you are not interested in a fertility cure, will certainly help those looking for relief from skin diseases and rheumatism. Mud treatments are available along the beach.

Immersed in a Pine forest, this beach of pebbles and rocks conveys a sense of peace and serenity, where you can take refuge to reconnect with an unspoiled landscape even if being quite small is usually busy.
Please note however the rules are strict, not even little boys are allowed!

Add in the comments any other spectacular beaches you have found on your trips!


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