The only baby travel essentials packing list you need

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A list of baby travel essentials to check before each departure will make your travels more efficient and relaxing.

When traveling you don’t necessarily need much more baby travel gear than you normally use in your daily routine, but you do need the right things. In some cases, it is enough to take with you what you already have. In others, it may be more convenient to have lighter, more compact, and multi-functional alternatives.

If you plan to travel a lot, then from your child’s birth you can consider purchasing essential items with these characteristics in order to avoid double spending.

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In this baby packing list, you will find everything you need to consider before leaving for a trip. The list is divided into topics (sleeping, flying, feeding…) but obviously, some accessories are indispensable in different situations.

At the end of the travel essentials for the baby list, there are some considerations regarding the items that you already normally carry with you in the nappy bag. I will also add them to the checklist you can download here (just so everything is listed in one place).

It is possible that in some cases there are valid alternatives with products you have at home, in which case I will add it as a suggestion. Remember however that if you forget something then in most cases you can buy it on the spot. Nobody wants to spend money unnecessarily or waste time trying to decipher information in another language, but this is the worst that can happen.

OUR EXPERIENCE: What to pack when traveling with a baby can be overwhelming, every new parent tends to over-pack, and we were the same. Then with a little practice, you will learn to be more selective, the babies will grow up, and you can return to minimalist travel packing.

Below you can compare the photo of one of our very first trips with Liam and Santiago at around 6 months, and a recent one at 4 years. Both sets of luggage cover a stay of 8-9 days. You are allowed to laugh !!!! You can also check how to save hundreds packing just small cabin bags, even when fly European low cost airlines! Here you can also check a review of the latest backpack we use to travel, Cabin Zero Classic backpack.

ARE YOU IN A HURRY? Click here to download a printable checklist of the baby travel essentials!


Below is a snapshot of all the baby travel must haves. Then a detailed analysis. The baby travel items are divided in groups for an easy read. For each item you will have a summary about essentiality, possible alternatives, and lifespan.

  1. Travel stroller
  2. Airline Bassinet cover
  3. Wet/Dry bag
  4. Kindle kids fire ed.
  5. Battery pack
  6. Foot rest pillow
  7. Car seat / carrycot
  8. No mess Snack container
  1. Car tablet holder
  2. No mess colouring book
  3. Sterilising solutions
  4. Baby carrier
  5. Sun cream
  6. Pram cover
  7. Reusable gel sticker
  8. Laundry wash sheet
  1. Chamomila tablets
  2. Night dummies
  3. White noise machine
  4. Travel cot
  5. Sleeping bag
  6. Foldable seat
  7. Feeding bottle with liner
  8. Formula dispenser
  9. EXTRA: travel Potty


In this category are grouped all the baby travel necessities that are useful in all types of trip.


Do you need some tips to build your family trip itinerary? Check out this Step by step guide!

Baby Carrier

Ergobaby Adapt
Ergobaby Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh

Although in my opinion one cannot replace a stroller when travelling, a baby carrier is essential to facilitate travel. In some situations or on more adventurous trips it may prove to be the only alternative.

We, despite having used the stroller intensely, have always brought the two baby carriers on every trip. We actively used them until Liam and Santiago became 3 years old, when in Peru we saw many of the ruins, including Machu Picchu with them on our backs.

The choice of the perfect baby carrier is very personal and there are different types. After a lot of research and tests, Mark and I have chosen two different carriers, but both from ErgoBaby.

  • Ergobaby Adapt: ​​Perfect from newborn to up to 20kg. Easy to use on the front and really comfortable also on your back with a toddler (you can also use it on your side). Around 13-14 months I switched from the front position to the back.
  • Ergobaby Cool Air Mesh: Perfect even from birth with the special infant insert up to 20kg. Great for those who suffer from the heat as it uses a light mesh material in some places to let as much air as possible through. (The cool air mesh has now been integrated into the Omni 360 and Adapt model)


ALTERNATIVES: Use only the stroller or carry the children in your arms, or you can check Baby Tula, that is another carrier loved by parents.

LONGEVITY: 3 years more or less


Neutrogena Wet Skin Suncream 70+

Whatever the season, don’t forget that small children must always be protected from the sun.

This is absolutely one item that must never be missing, wherever you go, from your baby travel essentials list.

Everyone has their favorite brand of sunscreen, we tried Nutrogena for the first time in Peru (obviously halfway through the one we brought was finished) and we haven’t changed since.

It is a light consistency spray and is applied in seconds. The best thing? It can also be put directly on wet skin. The painful ritual of applying the cream before going out is over !!!

UPDATE: In Europe seems really difficult to find now this sun-cream, so these year we tested others and the Frezyderm Sea Side dry mist has been our new favourite as good as Neutrogena. Like Neutrogena can be sprayed on wet skin and it is good for all family!


ALTERNATIVES: NO, even in winter you should apply it on the face and every area exposed to sunlight

Stroller Black Out Cover

SnoozeShade stroller cover 0-6 months
SnoozeShade stroller cover 6+months

In the section of accessories useful for flying you will find the bassinet cover that can also be used on strollers. If you already have that then you can skip this product.

However, if you don’t have a long-haul flight program then it might be more useful to buy SnoozeShade. The concept is the same as the bassinet cover, creating an environment suitable for falling asleep without stimuli and in darkness.

It also blocks between 97.5 to 99% of sunlight and is built with an air-permeable material. The advantage of the Snoozeshade is that it is available in two models (0-6 months and 6+ months), each in two variants:

  • SnoozeShade 0-6 months original and original deluxe: deluxe is designed to fit better the carrycot. They are designed so the baby can’t see out as he will mainly lay flat

  • SnoozeShade (6+ months) Plus and Plus Deluxe: both feature a large area with two zipped panels that can be left open when the kids are awake. In the Plus model only the exterior panel opens, while in the Plus Deluxe both can be fully opened. (We tested this model on the Joolz Geo double and it fitted better than the 0-6 months)

ESSENTIAL: No but practical for naps on the go

ALTERNATIVES: you can use a muslin cloth or other blanket, but not with quite the same result.

LONGEVITY: A couple of years

Dummy and Bottles Steriliser

Milton mini portable soother steriliser
Medela quick clean micro-steam bags
Aquaint Sanitising Spray

Any packing list for travel with baby must include solutions to sterilise. A baby’s immune system is not yet fully developed, so it is also necessary to protect it from common germs and bacteria for which it still has no defence. When traveling, it can become difficult to sterilize pacifiers and bottles, or elements of the breast pump, but it is absolutely essential.

Below are the best baby travel products that can help you in the battle against germs:

  • Dummy steriliser: small and easy to always keep in the bag, sterilises the pacifier in 3 minutes. Here are 2 models. I only know the Milton steriliser that works in the traditional way with water and tablets. Munkin is now producing a new portable UV steriliser that uses UV light to sterilise small items.

  • Sterilising bag: these bags sterilise baby bottles and dummies with microwave steam. Even when you are staying at a hotel you shouldn’t have a hard time getting help with their use. An alternative could be the Tommee Tippee single bottle steriliser, Really practical to carry with you when travelling, but you need to check if it fits the bottles you use.

  • Sanitising spray: the Aquaint Sanitising water is super practical as it can be used when water is not available. It does not replace complete sterilisation at the end of the day but is very useful when on the go. (We used this even on our babies’ lips after they decided to eat sand).

    Probably this is the top of all must-have items for traveling with a baby. In some countries, it is available in a 50ml size, really practical when flying!



LONGEVITY: depends, the spray can be used in any situation

Gel Pads

Gel Pads

Two pads that stick almost everywhere really strongly. Super versatile, small and multi-functional. You will end up using this clever accessory not only on the go but also at home.

The main use during a trip will be to keep a tablet or phone still so that children do not drop it all the time on the ground.

ESSENTIAL: No, but really practical



Laundry Sheets

True Earth Laundry sheets

Another small life-saving accessory. Of course, you can just transfer common laundry soap to a liquid container.

These little strips take up little space and dissolve in water quickly, perfect for repairing small daily accidents without waiting to find a laundry or piling up too many dirty clothes.

We used them for hand washing while travelling, sometimes cutting a strip in half and they were great.


ALTERNATIVES: Common liquid soap

LONGEVITY: If you like them you can use them instead of your normal laundry soap also at home

Chamomilla Homeopathic Remedy

Chamomilla tablets

Many studies say that homeopathic remedies only offer a placebo effect. Maybe it’s true, maybe not, but what is sure is that the chamomilla tablets or sachets are a product we have been using since Liam and Santiago were two months old. We always carried it with us and I always made sure it was on our travel with baby checklist.

They help calm and relax irritable and fussy babies. Chamomile is often used to alleviate the discomfort of teething, but I still have very clear moments in mind when Liam and Santiago were grumpy and unbearable for no reason and 5 minutes after taking chamomile they were much calmer and more relaxed.

We usually get it from a local homeopathic pharmacy, but the one from Amazon seems the same.

ESSENTIAL: NO, but really helpful with grumpy, irritable babies


You could also be interested in “The reality of travelling with twins and how to make it possible”!


Many parents fear so much the idea of flying with a baby that they prefer to drive even 10 hours instead of taking a short flight. Choosing your plane travel essentials carefully will help you to feel much more confident, if you pair them with some good tips about flying with a baby then your trip will be a breeze. Before to see the flying with a baby checklist here are some key things to remember:

  • If possible choose a direct flight. The last thing you want after settling down and maybe having a sleeping baby is to pack everything, get off, wander around the airport, get on a new plane, and start over.

  • Choose the bassinet seat or bulkhead seat. In most cases, airlines assign it by default, but check. Also, try to get on board first as planes have a limited number of bassinets and you want to be sure you have one available.

  • If possible, choose to fly at a time when your baby is usually quiet. Many parents suggest flying at night because babies sleep. I say that only you know your baby well. Our twins, for example, were much easier to entertain by day than by night.

  • Bring an extra change in your hand luggage and double the amount of nappies and food you would normally use. If there are delays or deviations you will not want to risk running out.

HOT TIP: Read here more tips to make fly with baby and toddlers a breeze


gb Pockit stroller

Babyzen YOYO+ Stroller


Travel Stroller

A compact and lightweight stroller is a baby travel essential in any situation. If you choose one like the gb Pockit or Babyzen YOYO you have the advantage of being able to take it on board the plane.

Both fall within the cabin size dimensions approved by almost all airlines (always double-check). Having it on hand when you disembark can be very useful as in many airports you will find yourself walking through endless corridors before leaving.

Of course, you can also use the stroller you use on a daily basis. In this case, you can get up to the boarding area (or even the plane in some cases) but then you will have to surrender it to be placed in the hold.

Some airports deliver the stroller directly to the foot of the airplane steps, while others send them inside with the luggage. In this case, it is fundamental that you consider a baby carrier or the wait in immigration line will seem interminable.

For parents with twins,
there isn’t a travel stroller that folds small enough (yet) to be considered hand luggage, but you can check here for the best double stroller for travel, as with twins it is even more important to have something compact and easy to move around.
We had a Joolz Geo double and we found it really good to travel with even if not specifically designed for that purpose.




Airplane Bassinet Cover

Airline bassinet cover
COZIGO Airplane bassinet cover

This airplane bassinet cover will certainly arouse curiosity on your flight, but it is a must have for flying with baby! It could be your pass to a peaceful long-haul flight.

Routines are the most important thing for small children especially when it comes to sleep. Light and external stimuli are the main disturbing elements.

This cover is the most ingenious of all airplane accessories for baby. It will help your baby fall asleep more easily and remain asleep despite the comings and goings of people and the changes of light inside the cabin.

Small and light, it uses a pop and clip mechanism. It opens and sets in seconds, and can also be used on a stroller to block the sun’s rays, creating a dark environment to sleep safe from UV rays.

ESSENTIAL: YES if you are planning many long haul flights in the first 6/8 months


LONGEVITY: It offers a universal fit and doubles up as a pram cover, so you can use it as long as the pram. However, if you are planning to use it mainly as a pram cover check out the SnozeShade that is more practical.

Wet / Dry Bag

Wet / Dry bag

Small accidents can happen at all times. Usually, a grocery shop bag is sufficient to contain the result of the problem. Whether it’s a t-shirt soiled by regurgitation or a body involved in a blowout, the ideal is to contain everything until you are able to wash it.

If you do not want to go around with a plastic bag attached to your luggage, and to keep everything easily contained, one of the top essentials for traveling with baby is to have a wet/dry bag.

These wet bags should be normal in any baby travel kit. They can be sealed and returned to your hand luggage without the risk of contaminating all your luggage.

Once you start to use them you will realise how useful they will be in the future too when you will no longer use the nappy bag, and all the baby stuff will end up in your handbag.




Kindle Fire 7 kids Edition

Kindle fire 7 kids edition

Many parents are reluctant to buy a tablet for such small children, but used in moderation they can really help. Obviously, you can use your phone or other tablet you already own. If you want to know more check out the article about the Best tablets for 2 year olds.

There are two advantages of the Kindle fire kids edition:

  • the first fundamental is the two-year warranty. NO QUESTION ASKED! Your little angel throws the kindle into the pool? You fish it out and they change it for you.
  • The first year also includes amazon kids+ for free which gives access to an incredible number of apps for all ages not only for passive use but also to stimulate creativity with parents. When the children grow up, profiles can then be set to limit use in time and content.

OUR EXPERIENCE: we bought 2 (yes all double for twins) at 18 months and they continue to use it at almost 5 years old.


ALTERNATIVE: your phone or other tablet (to watch carefully)

LONGEVITY: This is a kindle that can grow up with the kids.

Phone / Tablet Portable Power Bank

IWalk portable power bank

A portable battery charger is one of the travel essential gadgets that are needed on any occasion, but in particular on a plane when often your phone or tablet is used to entertain a baby.

Iwalk works with most new phone models with 2 integrated cables, one for iPhone and one for Android. It can charge up to 3 devices at the same time.

A portable battery charger is in general also a really great present. Check out the article unique gift for travelers if you are looking for more ideas.




Foot Rest Pillow


This is a genius invention! You could question if this is really an item that should be on a travel essential list, in my opinion yes. When you fly with a baby it could be your pass for a relaxing night.

Airlines always try to help families. If there is a spare seat they will move you to a row where you can have an extra seat for the baby even if you haven’t purchased the ticket. On our 83 flights with the boys, only when the flight was completely packed have we not been moved around to have more space (only few times)

If your baby is too big for the bulkhead bassinet (always check airlines specification as they vary greatly between them), and you are on an overnight flight this could be your solution.

It basically creates an extension of the seat so your baby (and later your toddler) can lie flat and sleep peacefully. You will probably end up also buying one for yourself!. Some airlines restrict the use of this foot pillow, so check before you buy it.



LONGEVITY: NO LIMITS. Can be used even by adults.


When traveling by car you obviously have fewer restrictions than on a flight. The luggage is with you and easily accessible.

In this case the best travel baby items will be those that will help you to contain the volume of luggage, entertain the baby and limit stops.

maxi cosi jadeCAR SEAT-COT

Car Seat-Carrycot

maxi cosi jade
Maxi-Cosi Jade
Maxi-Cosi Marble
Kiddy Evoluna

A car-cot (a car seat where the baby can lie flat) is one of the best baby travel gear to purchase if you plan to travel a lot by car during the baby’s first months.

It is important to remember that babies up to about six months should remain lying down. Small children should not remain in a normal car seat for more than a couple of hours. Stopping for a lots of breaks is a first step, but if you plan to travel longer or do not want to wake up a sleeping baby, the best option is a car seat / carrycot. These are car seats that can be used as a sleeping carrycot.

Lately, many models with different features have come out.

  • Those that lay flat on the stroller and in the car (perfect in any situation)
  • Those that lay flat only on the stroller (suitable for shorter trips, which however allow you to not wake the child when moving from the car to the stroller.

It might seem like extra travel baby gear, but if the decision is made in time, you can completely avoid buying the bassinet for the stroller and after six months you can move to a more traditional car seat.

These are the best models:

  • Maxi cosi Jade: perfect alternative to the stroller bassinet. Works with any Maxi-Cosi compatible buggy
  • Kiddi Evoluna: expensive, but excellent because it can be used up to about 15 months and then switch to a lighter one.
  • Maxi cosi Marble: not completely lie-flat, but almost. Cheaper than Kiddi Evoluna, more widespread and compatible with any maxi cosi compatible buggy


ALTERNATIVE: No, but you can avoid to keep the baby in a normal car seat for more than 2 hours

LONGEVITY: depending on the the model, max 15 months

No Mess Snack Cup


This is another little item that should be in any travel with baby packing list whatever type of trip you decide to do.

A healthy snack is another source of great entrainment with small kids. Of course you can use any container or Tupperware you already own, but the Skip hop snack cup has 2 advantages:

  • The container has a flexible containment element under the lid (attached so as not to get lost) that prevents the food inside from escaping inadvertently and invading the whole car.
  • This flexible element also slows down the rate at which a voracious baby can devour the snacks they enjoy, which means a few more minutes of entertainment and a happier stomach.

ESSENTIAL: NO, but you will get great moments of peace while they munch independently

ALTERNATIVES: Normal food container

LONGEVITY: No limits

Car Tablet Holder

Headrest mount holder

If you often embark on long road trips with your own car, it may be useful to keep this accessory fixed on the headrest. Keep it also in your traveling with baby checklist to not forget it when you are renting a car somewhere else.

Especially with small children it will avoid you having to stop constantly or twist in strange positions to reach the phone or tablet that has fallen to the ground.
Perfect even if you have two children because it extends towards the centre

ESSENTIAL: NO, but very, very useful


LONGEVITY: until kids can hold phones and tablets without dropping them continuously.

No Mess Water Colour Books

Water Magic Books

We don’t usually take games on trips, but we never miss these books. We have 4, and even today Liam and Santiago entertain themselves by colouring them.

The big advantage is that you don’t have to carry the colors with you. They are equipped with a pen that, when filled with water, activates the colors hidden on the books. When the water dries, the books are ready to be colored again.

ESSENTIAL: NO, but they offer a compact mess free entertainment




In this category are grouped all those essentials for travelling with baby that will help you both to sleep better.


Travel Cot

Micralite 3 in 1 portable travel cot

A travel cot is essential both for parents who visit relatives and friends occasionally for a weekend, and for parents who venture around the world. Only the characteristics to be taken into consideration when choosing the travel crib will change.

The reasons for buying a travel cot are various, some not to be underestimated:

  • Hygiene and safety: even in high-class hotels, sometimes the cots provided are not always safe and possibly not hygienic. Co-sleeping if you are not already used to it could result in a sleepless night for everyone.

  • Saving: in many hotels you pay a variable amount between € 20-50 per night for the use of a cot, while if you have your own there are no supplements.

There are three essential elements that will influence the choice:

  • cost
  • size / portability
  • ease of assembly

Obviously also how long you plan to use it for and from what age can make the choice lean in one direction or the other.

It is difficult to summarise in a few lines for a fairly complex choice. In the article “best travel cot for travel” you will find a detailed analysis of the eight best models to choose from.

At the moment, the travel cot that generally offers the best features is the Micralite sleep and go cot, which is very easy to assemble, can include a practical bassinet for the first few months, and can be easily transported in a practical bag with shoulder strap.

OUR EXPERIENCE: We have two Phil and Ted travel cots, chosen because they’re the lightest on the market … and we obviously needed two!




Night Pacifier

MAM Night Pacifier Glow in the Dark

To be honest, night dummies (if you use pacifiers) are essential both at home and on the go. For sure, when travelling and sleeping in hotels or apartments where you are less familiar with the surrounding environment, the night version is an additional help. What are they? They are normal pacifiers but they glow in the dark thanks to the florescent upper part!

The light glow helps to locate them in the cradle, under the bed, or wherever they have been dropped/thrown/spat in just a few seconds, avoiding searching at night in the light of the mobile phone minimising disturbing baby who may already be crying.



LONGEVITY: As long as you need the pacifier

White Noise Machine

MyBaby Soundspa

Especially in the first few months, white noise reminds babies of the muffled sounds they heard when they were in their mother’s womb. This sound calms them and helps them fall asleep.

By now there are a lot of apps that reproduce different white noises, so if you have an old phone you can simply resort to this alternative. Otherwise, at very little cost you can buy what looks like a small speaker with different white noise tracks.

It can be used standing or attached with a practical carabiner clip to the stroller or cradle when traveling. It includes a timer so that it turns off after 15/30 or 45 minutes.

A prettier alternative could be Ewan the Sheep which also acts as a soft toy and gives off a light red glowing to represent the predominant colour that wrapped the babies in the mother’s belly. (We opted for this and it was always on our checklist for travel with baby even if not as travel-friendly, as Ewan’s a bit big)


ALTERNATIVE: YES a phone app

Sleeping Bag

SnuzPouch 6-18m Sleeping bag 2.5 tog

For anyone who already uses sleeping bags this point might seem superfluous, as you maybe don’t consider them as baby travel stuff. However, it deserves reflection for those who normally use sheets and blankets instead.

In summer or in very hot places you will not have many problems, the children will probably be fine only with their sleepsuit.

However, if you venture into the mountains or any cold country you may find your crib prepared with sheets and duvets not suitable for small children. They may be too heavy, or difficult to accommodate so that the baby can move around without being completely covered or uncovered and in the cold.

The sleeping bag is nothing more than a wearable blanket that leaves the baby’s head uncovered and has plenty of room for the legs to move comfortably. It also represents for the baby the association with peaceful sleep, essential when traveling to make the baby feel in a familiar environment.

A 2.5 tog is probably the most versatile in terms of where to use it. We have had many different ones, from the unbeatable growsnug and the light muslin type, up to heavier ones even with arms.


ALTERNATIVES: Yes, using provided bedding

LONGEVITY: depending on the model, most up to 3 years

Baby Feeding Travel accessory

The top of the baby travel essentials in this category is a foldable/portable seat. You will find another couple of accessories to keep in the travelling with a baby checklist especially for people using formula milk who must arrange themselves between sterilisations and portioning.


Portable / Foldable High chair

The first years on-the-go booster seat

When you move to a more solid food meal routine, new baby travel essentials are needed. When you are traveling, many restaurants will be able to provide you with a high chair. However do not forget that customs and cultures are different everywhere. During our trip to Japan for example, very few places were equipped with them.
If you book an apartment you will have the same problem. This issue can easily solved with a portable / foldable high chair.
Two models to consider:

  • The original easy seat is a cloth travel high chair, it is super light and folds very small. It can be used with almost any type of chair with backrest. In practice, it has a kind of reinforced hood that slips over the chair, connected to this part by a 5 point safety harness that keeps the child safe.

  • A foldable booster seat has more flexibility as instead of slipping over the chair it has a strap that blocks it around the backrest and under the chair. There is also a T-strap that holds the baby in position.

    The advantage of this model is that it has a self inflatable cushion that keeps the baby taller and able to use the table. When you close it the air is pushed out and everything is compressed in a flat case.

    We have used this model on several trips, it is practical and essential for a quiet meal, but remember that it does not replace a real high chair where the baby can also be left without the risk of falling.



    LONGEVITY: a couple of years

Feeding Bottle with Liner

Playtex bottle with pre-sterilized liners

At this point, you may be wondering why is this item on this baby travel essentials list. Everyone has a bottle at home and those who use exclusively formula will already have several of different sizes and with different nipples.

Traveling with an infant can be more practical if you are breastfeeding exclusively, but if you are bottle feeding it can become a real bore, continuously washing and sterilising the bottles.

The Playtex Baby Nurser Bottle is a blessing for travelling parents. The concept is very simple, a special disposable liner is inserted inside the bottle. This system was introduced to prevent air from entering the bottle and thus prevent colic, but it is extremely convenient also when traveling. In this way you can reduce the quantity of bottles that you will have to carry around, limiting yourself to small nipples.

If you are a fan of Tommee Tippee bottles they too have invented something similar. Also useful for mothers who pump milk that goes directly into the pouch which can then be connected to the bottle.



LONGEVITY: until you use bottles

Formula Dispenser

Tommee Tippee powder and formula dispenser

The name says it all, nothing complicated. You can use any container you already own, but the advantage of these is that they have a double opening. A large opening to facilitate the introduction of the formula (obviously to be portioned in the desired quantity) and a smaller one to be inserted directly into the bottle so as not to have the milk formula fall everywhere.

Often many parents use ready to drink formula bottles when out and about. However, during long journeys it is more convenient (and less cumbersome) to use the formula, that’s when these containers are super useful!



LONGEVITY: no limit, we now repurposed them to freeze ready cut garlic, ginger…


In the list that you can download here you will also find all the other items that that you use daily such as a changing mat, muslin cloths, diaper cream, medication, disposable bag, hand sanitiser, wipes, snacks…. you just have to remember to pack them in your suitcase / backpack bag.

I have also added to the list a travel potty, although without all the details. I know some people start potty training really early so it could be good to remember to bring it along. There are some really clever models on the market, even if you are going to start later consider Potette Plus travel potty. It can be used anywhere both as a stand alone potty and directly on the toilet seat. Lightweight and compact to carry around.

I hope this list will help you to have smoother travels, but don’t forget that sometimes even with all the best baby gear for travel also our trips didn’t go as we were expecting…if you have time you can read and laugh about our misadventure on a trip to the beach with our twins when they were 13 months!

RELATED: don’t forget to choose the right bag for your needs to travel with. Have a look at these article going through all the details the best bags for moms need to have. If you prefer to have your hands free, check out this other article about the best backpacks!


Download your checklist here. You will receive a ready to print pdf copy and a link to a Google sheet file to keep directly on your phone!


Clotilde is a resilient, resourceful and adventurous person that navigate the world of travelling with kids. She is a mum of 7 years old twins and she share practical tips, profound insights and genuine personal experience to empowers family to embrace travel with children as an enriching experience rather than a daunting challenge.


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