Hi! Thank you for stopping by to read about A princess travelling with twins! We are a family of four, Clotilde, Mark, Liam and Santiago.

This blog is about one of my biggest passions: travelling, and how I can help you to make it possible even with kids…or twins, using all the knowledge I earned in the past years!

Liam and Santiago will maybe not remember Machu Picchu, but I will never forget to have been there with them.
Liam and Santiago will maybe not remember Machu Picchu, but I will never forget to have been there with them.

I’ve been travelling for more than 20 years but things definitely changed when our twins were born, and up to now our trips have been a little bit slower but, with a good detailed pre-planning, we have still enjoyed all of them.
I will share how to plan and organise each trip, how to make it successful with kids…and what to avoid, because things are not always going as planned, but we learn from mistakes!


I want to help you to save time and money through sharing detailed itineraries for travel adventures that you can copy including all tips and advice to achieve memorable trips.

One of the biggest struggles for parents is often time, and to plan an adventurous trip you need time. In this website you’ll find all the info you need to copy the exact same trips and save lots of time trying to find the information needed.

I also specify the age of our kids during each trip, to help show the life stage we were in, so you can easily compare.


Because kids don’t mean you need to change who you are and abandon the things you love, they are a beautiful addition to your life that will open your eyes to see the world again from a different point of view.

Because I truly stand behind the theory that you can still do what you are passionate about, also with kids, if you truly believe it.

Because before Liam and Santiago’s 4th birthday they have been on 74 flights!

Travelling with kids isn’t always simple or easy, and I often get frustrated but I know myself, and I know that I can’t sacrifice my passion because of my little ones, as I would not be happy and I would be a terrible mum, I just need to find the way to combine the two.
My goal is to inspire you to approach life of travelling with kids in the same way!


Do you mean who is the Princess? Clotilde is the princess in our family of 4: Clotilde, Mark, and our identical twin boys Liam and Santiago.

That’s me

I was born in Rome where I took my Masters degree in Architecture and, although I never left a job to travel the world, I always invested my savings in exploring new cultures.

I’ve been lucky and have had great career opportunities allowing me to travel a lot, and then in 2010 I moved from Italy to London, where I also met Mark my husband.

I also love food although funnily enough I only discovered this passion when I arrived in the UK, so in all my detailed itinerary you will also get great suggestions on the best food to eat whether in a street food stall or a Michelin star restaurant.

Design, architecture, and beautiful surroundings are also essential in my daily life so it is no surprise I make sure that they are also reflected in our trips.

I’m always looking for the best we can afford, and good value for money offers that allow us to travel more. The list of places I want to visit is so long that sometimes a place can jump to the top of the list only because I find an amazing cheap flight or another crazy offer, and when this can be replicated I share it here so you can take advantage of it too!

Clo at conrad rangali maldives
Clo at conrad rangali maldives

P.S. I almost forgot to tell you more about my Princess status: when we decided we would like to start a family, I had some dreams of one little girl to bring to ballet classes, shop for dresses, maybe co-ordinate outfits, but very soon we discovered we were having Twins, and after 12 weeks the Doctor was pretty sure they were boys!

My little dream evaporated in a cloud of Dinosaurs and mud, but after reflecting for a while I understood that there is always a reason for things to happen: I am an only child so I have always been the Princess in my Parent’s house, now I am Married and have two little Boys not a little Girl, I can still be the Princess in my own wonderful Family!

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