About a Princess Travelling with Twins

Did you ask who the Princess is? Well… Clo is the Princess of course in our family of 4: Clotilde, Mark, identical twin boys Liam and Santiago. Clo is the writer behind the blog and here you can read a bit more about her (me!)

In this picture Liam and Santiago were only 3 weeks old

This blog is about one of my biggest passions, travelling, and how to make it possible with twins!
Things definitely changed when the boys were born, and up to now our trips have been a little bit slower but, with a good detailed pre-planning, we have still enjoyed all of them.
I will share how I plan and organise each trip, and how to make it successful with kids…or what to avoid, because things are not always going as planned, but we learn from mistakes!

Because having twins it isn’t like having 2 kids one year apart…I know some people think this but it isn’t, it’s different!
Because twins don’t mean you need to change who you are and the things you love, they are a beautiful addition to your life that will help you to see things from a different point of view.
Because I truly stand behind the theory that you can still do what you are passionate about, also with kids, if you truly believe it.
Because the day Liam and Santiago where celebrating their 2nd birthday they were boarding their 35th flight!

I want to share all the great adventures we will have and the best of the past. There are so many great blogs and website with a lot of useful information, but many times I still found myself Googling the same question millions of times because I couldn’t really find the right answer. Now I would like to contribute with the answers I have found and discovered along the way.
My passion for travelling started when I was really young, and until L&S arrived I felt really great organising memorable travels, then many things had to change and I’m learning on the way.

There is one thing I’ve been told a few times after Liam and Santiago were born: a few friends without kids on separate occasions, after spending a day together, told me how inspiring it was for them to see me with L&S, people that never thought to have kids share with me that I made it so simple that they will have a rethink.
Believe me it isn’t simple or easy, and I constantly get frustrated but I know myself, and I know that I can’t sacrifice my passion because of my little ones, as I would not be happy and I would be a terrible mum, I just need to find the way to combine the 2 things together.

My goal is to inspire people to approach life with twins in the same way!


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