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Hi! Thank you for stopping by to read about me!
I am Clotilde, I am a travel addict, a food lover, a design fanatic, a beauty searcher, an Architect, a trend curious, a freedom person… and as you can guess I am a mother of two beautiful identical twin boys, Liam and Santiago.

I was born in Rome and never left until during University when I went to Barcelona to study for a year. The year I spent in Barcelona was the year that changed my life.
When I came back to Rome, I took my Masters degree in Architecture and worked different jobs and started to use my savings to travel.

Travelling is a passion that you have or not: whether you have a little or a lot of money, if you have a passion for travel you will find the way.

Architecture is a really creative profession, but I soon understood that it is quite a static job…you know, after you spend years building your pool of clients you don’t want to move somewhere else and start again. This was something I didn’t realise at the beginning (well, I guess I was dreaming to became the next Renzo Piano and able to work around the world probably).

Luckily one of the many other jobs I did, whilst trying to start my career as unpaid architect, was working part time at IKEA as an Interior Designer and, guess what, after 17 years I’m still in the same company! I have had great career opportunities, I travelled a lot, and in 2010 I moved from Italy to the UK&IE organisation in London, where I also met Mark my husband.

Some people ask me why I don’t have a blog about Design, I’m guessing design is already such a big part of my world and it is giving me great satisfaction that I just want to focus on the other big passion that I have.
Design will be included anyway in my posts, while I’m travelling I always want to learn about the culture and traditions, but I’m also really interested to see how Architecture and Design are evolving with them…and it isn’t rare to come home with an extra luggage with small furniture or accessories inside…clever packing is all you need 😉

When we travel I’m always looking for the best we can afford, and good value for money offers that allow us to travel more. We travel on a budget, sometimes more sometimes less, but even when the budget is lower I am always looking for Style and Beauty. I love to find great offers that help us to save some money, so I can maybe spend a bit more for the design hotel I fell in love with. The princess that is in me needs to be feed continuously!

Everybody has a different idea of the ideal way to travel, and that’s great, I hope that my blog will help you in your own way to make your trips even more memorable!

P.S. I almost forgot to tell you more about my princess status: when we decided we would like to start a family, I thought that maybe a pretty little girl to bring to ballet classes would have been really cute, but then very soon (after 5 weeks) we discovered we were having Twins, and after 12 weeks the Doctor was pretty sure they were boys!
This is the message I sent to my closest girlfriends when it was certain:

Pink little dresses, mascara, lace, fake eyelashes, miniskirts, long wavy hair, ballet lessons, nail polish, princesses fairytales, high heels…a dream, that I never knew I had, today breaks, and a world of Dinosaurs and toy cars appears on the horizon…now it seems there’s no doubt anymore…HELP! WE ARE HAVING 2 BOYS!…but after reflecting for a while I understood that there is always a reason: I am an only child so I have always been the Princess in my Parent’s house, now I am Married and have two little Boys and not a little Girl, I can still be the Princess in my own wonderful Family!

You can read more about this blog and why I decided to start it in here!

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