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7 reasons why the Joolz Geo pram is the best double pram for twins ever

Last Updated on 27/05/2022 by Clotilde Passalacqua

The Joolz Geo double pram has been a loyal companion since our twins were born.

Liam and Santiago have now reached the age of 4 and my opinion of the Joolz Geo duo hasn’t changed, it just got better!

We did not receive it as a gift or product to test, after much research we made our decision and purchased it ourselves.

I made a lot of online research, visited many shops and Shows, tested and compared all the other Brands we considered at that time, and the Joolz pram was the consistent winner!

If you want more info about other double pram read here where I compare the 10 best double stroller for travel.

This post may contain affiliate links. I may receive a commission for purchases made through the links on this page, at no cost to you.

Your pram will be one of the more expensive initial purchases, and the temptation to save money will be strong, but don’t forget that you will use it for years! Don’t base the choice on price alone.

Many people end up buying 2 or even 3 prams because they are not completely satisfied with their first choice which is frustrating and expensive, I hope this Joolz pram review will help you to take the right decision.

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1st. Jool Geo Duo is narrow: only 60cm wide.

On the market there are a few side by side prams that are quite narrow, but sometimes it is really about cm. It is important to consider that the side by side prams are usually as wide at the bottom as at the top.

This is in contrast to the Joolz Geo which is also narrow at the top which gives more flexibility when you get into tight or narrow situations to wriggle your way through.

We live in London which is a really crowded city, but with the Joolz Geo I can still move around without getting stuck every few metres.
Many shops have entrances or internal aisles just as wide as the pram itself, anything bigger, like the side by side prams we tested, wouldn’t fit.

We do not have Family nearby to support us, or a live in Nanny to help when we want to go out with the boys, and as we both work full time one of us is usually alone with the Twins, therefore easy accessibility is very important to us.

Joolz Geo Duo
Joolz Geo Duo

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2nd. Joolz Geo Duo folding system.

The Joolz stroller folds down without the need to remove anything, and the seats do not need adaptors. If you are travelling a lot or use a car more often you will understand the importance of this aspect.

Again, when you don’t have anyone helping you, it helps for things to be as easy to do as possible.Many Twin pram solutions require additional seat adaptors which can lead to tricky procedures to collapse them down, but we knew we wanted a quick and easy collapsing method.

I had already in my mind a picture of how many times we would have to re-buy seat adaptors after leaving them on top of a car or in an airport around the world.

We have seen other great in-line prams like the Icandy peach or the Egg stroller but the seat adaptors put me off, no way!

You do need two hands to close it down, but it is super easy and quick, with no need to remove any parts.

We still use it to arrive up to the plane door when we fly and then leave it for the Ground Crew to put in the hold. Our Joolz pushchair has been on 63 flights in 3 years and is still almost perfect!

N.B. For the first 5-6 months when you use it with the carrycot (also without adaptors) you will need to take out the carrycot to close the chassis, but this stage is really short compared to how long you will use the pram.


Joolz Geo Duo folded
Joolz Geo Duo folded with 2 seats without back wheels

3rd. Joolz Geo Duo fits easily onto Buses and Black Cabs:

London, as many big cities, has an amazing transport system and if you live in a central area you can do without a car and rely on public transport, and this is where the Joolz Geo Duo stands out.

Not all tube stations have a lift or escalator, our nearest station has an escalator from Ticket Hall to platform, but only stairs from Street to Ticket Hall, so for me it was not an option to take the Tube (or I would have to ask for help every time)

HOT TIP – Mumderground is a great app to see if the station you need to use will be accessible for you and your pram.

This has never been a problem however because I have great connections with Buses and the Overground.

London Buses have space for 2 single prams or a wheel chair and 1 small single pram, but as our Joolz stroller is smaller than some single prams, I have never had problem to get on a bus.

With a side by side pram you will be able to get on the Bus only if the space is completely free, and don’t forget that Wheelchair users have priority.

On the famous double decker Buses I find it easy to enter from the front door to pay and then navigate to the middle where the pram space is. On the single deck Buses the front seats are closer together so it is easier to enter through the middle door directly.

Joolz double pram on a London bus, beside a single pram
Joolz double pram on a London bus, beside a single pram

The other great advantage of being such a slim double pram is being able to get into a Black Cab easily.

The pram, with Liam and Santiago on-board, my husband, and I plus 2 hand luggage fit into a black cab without adjusting the pram or having to remove the boys.

The fact that the Joolz double pram fits into Black Cabs easily is really important for me as when taking a cab alone it is really difficult to hold two babies or even worse try to keep two toddlers under control.

For Liam and Santiago it is always fun when the pram goes into a cab and I feel much safer than holding them.

HOT TIP – GETT is a great app where you can even pre book your black cab in case you are not close to a busy road.

 4th. Joolz Geo counts as 1 piece of luggage because it folds down in one piece.

This is another important thing to not underestimate.

When you take a flight most european airlines (always check your airlines) allow 2 pieces of travel equipment for each baby as extra luggage such as car seats, pram, or travel cots.

As the Joolz Geo folds down with the seat attached, it counts as 1 piece so you can still bring with you 2 car seats and 1 travel cot at no extra cost (in case of two kids).

For example this has been really useful once when we were flying from Luton Airport and Easyjet had only automatic check in kiosks available. 

Our checked in luggage was a couple of kg overweight and of course the kiosk was not giving us the option to skip the problem (even if I tried to speak gently to it).

Then I had the idea to take out from the luggage one of the travel cots, because we had only 1 pram and 2 car seats as additional travel equipment, and so we sent the Travel Cot as the fourth piece, and that saved us £40!



HOT TIP- When you can, try to find a regular check in desk with a person behind…people are usually more understanding than machines…and they usually get so curious about the twins that they are more forgiving. Also do bring your own car seats if you can as they are usually super expensive to hire!

5th. Joolz Geo Duo is really easy to manoeuvre.

The Joolz double pram can be pushed with one finger it is incredibly easy.

The Joolz Geo is also relatively short and narrow even compared to some single prams, which makes navigating crowds and narrow paths a breeze.

Even going over a curb is effortless because the weight is well distributed along all the pram structure.

The front wheels can also be locked straight in case you are on a very rough surface where they can get caught continuously in different directions.

It is as heavy as most other double prams, around 17,5 kg with the 2 seats on, but it is suitable for kids up to 20kg (so the structure needs to be strong enough to hold the weight). With 2 kids on-board (3 years around 18kg+ each) it wouldn’t make much difference saving 5 or 6 kg and compromising in maneuverability, as it is still tough to push 48 or 54 kg .

Joolz double pram on the slopes in Alta Badia
Joolz double pram on the slopes in Alta Badia: even on the snow it was really easy to maneuver

6th. Joolz Geo Duo wheels are really easy to take off.

It may seem a small feature, but we have found it really useful especially when we rent a car while abroad.

To save money I usually book the smallest car, which means we sometimes have to be really creative about how we pack the car, and taking off the wheels really helped many times to store the Joolz buggy in small boots.

That time getting everything in the car was really difficult
We managed to fit everything in there, but it was REAAALLY difficult!!!

7th. Joolz Geo Duo is suitable from birth

Not all in-line double prams have the option to have both babies in a layflat carrycot, be sure to check before buying.

In here I compare 10 double strollers, check out the different characteristics to choose the best for you.

We found them really practical and also used them as overnight cots while travelling in the first 6 months. (Be aware: they are not approved for overnight sleep in theory)

It is also very practical that the metal frame and the hood for the carrycot are the same you use for the seat, so you only have to change the material part.

Joolz double pram with 2 cot
Joolz double pram with 2 cot


Joolz travel system: Joolz stroller is compatible with several car seat brands including Maxi Cosi.  You can attach 2 car seats to the Joolz Geo chassis.

This is the only case where you need car seat adaptors.

Accessories: there are several accessories available, raincover, travel bag, changing bag, some lovely blankets and nest. The Joolz Geo footmuff is probably the most useful, especially in cold countries but also the Joolz buggy board in case you have an older child.

Somenthing extra I would also consider is the Snoozeshade, a universal black out cover to help your child to sleep when out and about

Stroller accessories could be a great present, but if you need more ideas for useful gifts for travelers check out my gifts guide!


I think at this point you can feel I am genuinely a big fan of the Joolz Geo, however if I really need to find some room for improvement I would highlight 3 things and you can decide if they are more important for you than the good ones…they weren’t for me.

  • The lower cot should have a little more space from the top one. When our boys were around 5 months with winter coats on, the baby at the bottom seemed to fill all the space available (they were in the 95th percentile though)

  • The Joolz Geo in a twins set up doesn’t have space for a basket, there are other accessories you can buy to have some storage but I don’t have it, so not able to review them. The Joolz Geo in a single setup however, can have big basket on the bottom.

  • The hood should go down lower as with other brands, so when the child needs to sleep they are less disturbed from what is going on around them (Joolz Geo 2 seems to have improved this aspect).


We feel very fortunate to have found the right pram for us at the first attempt, but we did put lots of thoughts and reflections together in advance to help us to know what we needed.

Analyze your needs in detail as it is the only way to understand if the Joolz stroller is the best double pram for your family. Here are some reflections:

  • Do you live in a big city? In Europe most cities are busy and crowded, with many old Shops and Buildings with narrow passages and doorways. An inline pram will make your life much easier.

  • Do you travel a lot? If the answer is yes then the portability of your pram is key. Joolz double pram isn’t light, but folds really compact without removing the seat, making the process quick and easy.

  • Do you heavily rely on public transport? Another case when an inline stroller makes it easier to move around. You want something small and compact to fit the crowded buses and trains easily.

  • How big is the boot of your car? The main house door? The lift in your house building? Some people think that they could overcome the fact that their pram doesn’t fit through the main door, or that every time they need to disassemble the wheels to put it in the car…think again.

    Your double pram will be with you for few years, what doesn’t bother you once will became a nightmare if you have to do it every single day.

Check out what are the other baby travel essentials you need to pack when travelling with a baby and how to save hundreds in luggage fees when flying Ryanair and most of the other European low cost airlines.

Joolz Geo Duo
Liam and Santiago in the Joolz Geo Duo

I hope I have given you all of the elements to take your decision whether to buy the Joolz Geo or not. After three years and 63 flights, with many more still to come, for us it is the best pushchair at home and even to travel
Let me know what is your favorite double pram!

Clotilde is a resilient, resourceful and adventurous person that navigate the world of travelling with kids. She is a mum of 7 years old twins and she share practical tips, profound insights and genuine personal experience to empowers family to embrace travel with children as an enriching experience rather than a daunting challenge.


  • Katy

    Hi there Thanks for this review. Crazy quesion but where are your amazing red/white (strawberry?) print trousers from please?

    • clo

      Hi Katy, I hope the review will be helpful for you. The trousers are a bit old, they are from Orla Kiely at People tree.

  • Nicola

    Hi just wondering when your kids were 4 and still in buggy how tall snd what weight were they?

    Have a baby and a very tall toddler. Have my joolz set up with baby in cot down low but thinking of changing it around.

    • clo

      Hi Nicola! Congratulation for the new baby! My boys have always been quite big (around 95th percentile). Around 4y they were 110 cm tall and about 20 kg. Whoever was at the top was ok with seat size. The boy at the bottom needed to have is legs a bit bent, although he wasn’t uncomfortable as the bottom seat is scooped. Around that time we also removed the hood from the bottom seat to give even more space. (At 4y, to be honest, they were not spending much time in the pram, they were happy to pop in during long walks or if we were in a rush).

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